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Agent Orientation

No description

Keller Williams

on 24 September 2012

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Transcript of Agent Orientation

Keller Williams Realty Cary
New Agent Orientation To be the most profitable Market Center in the Carolinas,
Growing Leaders, Building Wealth and Creating Memories Cary Market Center Vision Carolinas Region Mike Tavener
Regional OP Janet Faulk
Regional Director Cary Market Center Staff Christopher Hart - Co Team Leader
Rebecca Hart - Co Team Leader
Deb Carpenter - Broker in Charge
Leah King - Market Center Administrator
Caley Childs - Agent Services Coordinator
Wendi Harrington - Director of First Impressions
Linda Fair - Operating Principal Team
Leader Recruiting Consulting Training MCA Property
Files Accounting
Billing Facilities
Concerns Staff Policy Agent
Services Basic
Technology File
Review Agent
Sign-up DOFI Training
Calendar Class
Registration Kitchen BIC Contract
Questions Licensing Contract
Issues DCD New Agent
Recruiting Coaching Training Operating
Principal Budget
Financials MC
Matters MC
Vision MREA is
my favorite book I do...
do you? Did you do
your 411? I'm a great
salesperson! I capped! Kellerisms Ahmed Ammar Betsy Simmons Lisa Southern Paige Todd 30% 70% 6% (cc) photo by medhead on Flickr Commission
Split Agent Keller Williams Realty Company Dollar:
Caps at $20,000
to Cary Market Center Royalty:
Caps at $3,000
to KWRI Download Do Not Call List
Under My Market Center Intranet 0% 100% 0% (cc) photo by medhead on Flickr Commission
Split Agent Keller Williams Realty Until Anniversary Date Keller Williams Realty International Keller Williams Realty Cary 2011
$38.3 M 2012 YTD
$12.1 M April 2012
$4.99 M 2012
$146,626 August 2012
$11,145 2011
$205,422 (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr Next Class: October 10
1PM-5PM - Chairperson: Team Leader
- Top 20% of Agents eligible to be invited
- ALC year starts October 1
- Focus Areas: Productivity, Profitability, Growth and Culture
- Meetings: 2nd Tuesday of the Month at 3:30pm
- Submit Agenda Items to any ALC Member
- Team Leader determines the Agenda - 501(c) (3) Public Charity
- Supports KW associates and families in times of need
- Market Center donates $3,000 each year
- Agents may donate on the Greensheet or at www.kwcares.org
- Donations may be tax deductable
- Cary Family Fund helps our agents in times of need
- Agents may donate on the Greensheet or with MCA
- Donations are not tax deductable Vendor Partners Kevin Martini
$5,500/month to Market Center Vendor Partners Asekesai Arnette
$1,100/month to Market Center Closing Attorney Market Center Classes
- Most are free
- Register with Wendi

Carolinas Region
- Several Events each year
- Register with Regional Office

- Training offered in US and Canada
- Register at mykw.kw.com Several free training events monthly
Microsoft Programs
Social Media
Register at www.trianglemls.com Must complete eight hours of CE each year
Mandatory Update and Elective
CE deadline is June 10th Signs and Business Cards are ordered through approved vendors only at mykw.kw.com.
Agent is responsible for all marketing costs. Review Identity Standards Manual at mykw.kw.com.
Must include: "Each office is independently owned and operated." Review city and neighborhood
sign ordinances and restrictions. Technology Six computers in resource area
One in each conference room KWRI Consumer Site
www.kw.com KWRI Agent Intranet
mykw.kw.com Online Training
www.kwconnect.com Technology Answers
answers.kw.com KW Cary Consumer Site
www.kwcary.com KW Cary Intranet
www.carymarketcenter.com - Computers are for business use
- Computers have Internet, MLS and Office applications
- Staff computers are not available for agent use
- Please report issues to Agent Services or MCA Market Center Hours:
M-Th: 9am-5:30pm
Friday: 9am-5:00pm
Agents have access 24/7/365
Replacement key: $25 Agent Mail: File folders near Front Desk
Outgoing Mail: Mailbox near training room
Bulk Mail Permit: Stamp at Front Desk
Packages: Look for yellow card in your mail folder.
Your package will be in cabinet labeled "Packages" Faxes:
- Use eFax number
- Front Desk Fax Policy
- Send outgoing faxes
from Copier #2 More Policy... - Going out of town? Fill out a "Out of Office" form at front desk
- Do not bring clients, friends or family past Kevin Martini's office
- Leave parking at front of building for guests
- Refrigerator is cleaned out each Friday
- Add KW Cary to Auto Insurance - See Agent Services for details
- Remember... you always represent Keller Williams Realty 48 Hours! Contracts: Step by Step - Entered into WinMore by DFI
- Compliance Review by Agent Services
- Review Compliance Status in myTransactions Before Closing:
- Brokers issued DA via email if file is complete
- No DA to Provisional Brokers
- Agent must send to Closing Attorney
- Submit changes to MCA before getting DA Earnest Money Must be deposited within three banking days Place in Earnest Money Envelope in mailroom, fill out info, place in lockbox. No Cash or Wire Transfers Give Earnest Money Release Form to MCA 7-10 days before closing. Transaction Policy... - Upload signed HUD to myTransactions
- Put commission check in "Market Center Money" envelope and
place in lockbox
- Please DO NOT ask Closing Attorney to mail checks the last week
of the month.
- Closings on the last day of the month are due to the Market Center
by 11:00AM the next day.
- Capped Associates should upload a copy of the check to myTransactions
- In by Noon, Out by Noon! Personal Transactions - 1 list side & 1 buy side per year
- 100% if paid $5,000 in CO$
- Personal Residence Only
- Can't act as Dual Agent on
ANY property Agent has ownership Keller Williams Realty Cary
New Agent Orientation - Office bills emailed by the 10th
- Checks due by the 24th
- Credit Cards charged on the 25th Joanne Martin
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