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David Thompson.

No description


on 27 March 2014

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Transcript of David Thompson.

Marriage and children
North west company
David arrived in Churchill and was set up to work copying the personal papers of the governor Samuel Hearne of fort Churchill. By the next year he got sent to nearby York Factory, and over those next few years he spent his time as a clerk at Cumberland House and South branch house before arriving at Manchester house in 1787. The next year David fractured his leg very badly and spent the next two winters at Cumberland house recovering. It was at this time he renewed and made more of a passion for his mathematical, astronomical, and surveying skills. This was also during this time he lost sight in his right eye. In 1790 his apprenticeship was near its end, David did the unusual request of a set surveying tools in place of the typical parting gift of fine clothes offered by the company to those


who was he (family BACKGROUND HISTORY
David Thompson was born April 30 1770 in Westminster, London, England. His wife was Charlotte Small and was a Metis. His parents were Ann and David Thompson. His children were Fanny, Samuel, Emma, John, Joshua, Henry, Charlotte, Elizabeth, William, Thomas, George, Mary, and Eliza Thompson. David use to work for the both HBC( Hudson's bay company) and NWC( North West Company.
When David was just two years old his father died. It was probably a big loss and hard time for David and his mother. When David was fourteen he got a seven year apprenticeship with the Hudson's Bay Company which was very exciting.On May 28 that year he set sail and left England to help with the company.
Later years
On June 10 1799 David got married to a lovely lady(also metis) Charlotte Small. Charlotte was a mixed blooded child because her father was a Scotish fur trader Patrick Small and her Cree mother. Their marriage was formilized at the Scotch Presbyterian church in Montreal on October 30 1812. David and Charlotte had thirteen children five of them were born before he left the fur trade. This family did not adjust easily to life in eastern Canada and two of the children John age of five and Emma age of seven died of round wounds, a common parasite. The marriage lasted fifty eight years this is the longest Canadian pre- confederation marriage known

David's decision to to defect(left to go somewhere else) to the North West Company during 1797 without giving the one year notice was not well received by his former employees. But joining the North West Company allowed him to do more of surveying and work on mapping and mapping the interior of what now is Canada. In 1797 David was sent south by his former employes to survey part of the Canada-US boundary along the water routes from Lake Superior to Lake of the woods. In 1798 David had finished a survey of 6,750 km from Grand Portage through Lake Winnipeg to headwaters of Assiniboine also Mississippi rivers. Also two sides of Lake Superior. In the same year they sent hi to Reddeer Lake to make a trading post.
completing their indenture. David got both. Then asked for an employment for the Hudson's Bay as a fur trader and in 1792.
completed his first survey, mapping a route to Lake Athabasca. For recognition of his amazing map making skills the company promoted him to surveyor in 1794. David worked for the company until May 23 1797 when, frustrated with the Hudson's Bay Company's policies he left and walked 80 miles in the big snow to enter the North West Company where he continued to be a surveyor.
Davids 1814 map (his greatest achievement) was so accurate that 100 years later it was still the basis for many of the maps issued by the Canadian Government. In 1815 David moved his family to Williamstown, Upper Canada and a few years later he was employed to survey the newly established borders with the United States from Lake of the Woods to the Eastern Township of Quebec established by Treaty of Ghent after the war of 1812.
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