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about him

nickson mugumbate

on 8 June 2010

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VINCENT VAN GOGH 1853-1890 Vincent Van Gogh painted
more than 800 paintings http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/c/cc/Vincent_van_Gogh-_The_Caravans_-_Gypsy_Camp_near_Arles.JPG Vincent was considered the
greatest Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh's family members: Van Gogh's father http://www.pepweb.org/document.php?id=psar.085.0269a.fig002.jpg Van Gogh's mother vincent's brother Early years

Vincent van gogh was born in
groot zundert, in the south netherland on March 30, 1853. his birth parents were theodorus van gogh and anna cornelia carbentus. he suffered a psychological trauma.
http://www.vggallery.com/misc/bio.htm PAINTINGS
Vincent's sister Beginning as an artist
In 1880, vincent got got in touch with his brother, Theo Van Gogh
was the one who had started helping him with his paintings. did you know? Vincent Van Gogh full name is "Mr. Vincent Willem Van Gogh.He had died because he had shot himself in the chest ): Starry night was one of the best paintings Van Gogh has ever painted. It is most well known images in the morden cultures.
starry night June 1889 Oil on canvas
july 1890 Agostina Segatori Sitting in the Café du Tabourin March 1887 Baby Marcelle Roulin, The
December 1888 Backyards of old Houses in Antwerp in the Snow The sadness will last forever.... Vincent van gogh died around 1:30 am. on July 1890. The Catholic church of Auvers refused to bury Van Gogh in its cemetery because he had killed himself. By luck, the nearby township of Mery, agreed for Vincent's burial to be held there and the funeral was held on July 30. RESOURCES ANY QUESTIONS
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