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Juicy Couture: English Project 1

Juicy Couture Fragrance Ad

Rae'Van Parson

on 12 March 2013

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Transcript of Juicy Couture: English Project 1

Juicy Couture Fragrance Attention Grabber The Juicy Couture perfume ad grabs consumer's attention through themes of:

1. Brand Coloring
2. Femininity
3. Adolescent Facial Expressions/Clothing
4. Sex Appeal
5. Short Verbal Slogans The Juicy Couture women's perfume advertisement is frequently found in fashion magazines such as Elle, Vogue, Teen Vogue, etc... The target audience for this product is majority women; specifically of the age group of 18 to 35 years old. Images There are a few consistent images that are apparent in this ad. One of the most obvious ones is the adolescent ploy. The Female model, especially in contrast to the male model seems very innocent. Her expression is very gentle and soft and her eyes are wide like a child's. Another image is the contrast between the male and female models. The woman is clad in a black puffy princess dress and appears to be very elegant while the guy is sexy, daring, shirtless and mysterious. These contrasts yield sexual tension and intrigue between the two models. It seems Juicy Couture is saying, when you're a woman of innocence facing a man of danger, purchasing the Juicy Couture perfume will give you the confidence to attract him (the glitter), The Juicy Couture women's perfume ad includes both consistent images that are frequently used by Juicy Couture, as well as several images in this ad directly trying to connect with female consumers. Although this ad at first seems quite confusing, it serves as an example of the power an image and words have to describe and persuade. The images Juicy Couture creates for this ad give an idea of how the fragrance smells. If the fragrance had a thick, rich smell the girl would be sexier, with a stoic expression and dressed provocatively. However, the fact that the model is so innocent and regal can insinuate the fragrance is delicate, light and possibly includes actual glitter in it. Juicy Couture is trying to convince women to buy their fragrance because of the potential interaction it brings between the female and male. Juicy Couture is saying if women want to attract a guy like this, they do not have to be sexy or overbearing, but rather remain elegant with the scent of Juicy Couture. In other words women can be daring to attract the daring without changing themselves. How is it convincing? "Show Off" Slogan The slogan "Show Off" can be a message to women to be rebellious, independent, and do whatever their heart desires. To show off means to flaunt what women have and be proud of it. The way the female model appears to be so innocent, but is blowing glitter on the male model, means she's showing off her risque behavior contrasting against her innocent and girly appearance. This message appears to come alive when women feel empowered to show off after purchasing and spritzing the new Juicy Couture perfume. Although it takes a while to be able to understand what this Juicy Couture ad is actually trying to say with the slogan "Show Off", I would not change any part of the ad. Juicy Couture is a young, expensive and edgy couture brand. The brand's job is to keep its costumers thinking about their ads to want to buy their product. Common themes in all Juicy Couture ads 1. Stereotypically girly colors: Pinks, purples and gold

2. Typically Juicy Couture models are almost always wearing clothing that is very girly. (A dress, fur, a skirt, and/or whimsical exaggerated outfits)

3. If there's not a fantasy setting in the background of Juicy ads, models especially in fragrance ads always are close to the camera.

4. Childlike: Juicy ads have their female models dressed up like children. The model's expressions are stoic, innocent and are clad in adolescent outfits and accessories (Big bows, frilly dresses, small clothing).
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