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No description

Nick Cummins

on 10 July 2014

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Transcript of Preach

what you

of the

The 'fittest' referred to by Darwin are those animals which are the most suited to their environment, that is, those which are best fitted to survive.

original & inventive
Creative working with social teams.
To find new insigts and interesting angles
fast turnaround
keep an eye on the geeky stuff
70% of Australians own a tablet or mobile device and they log on to the internet around 5 times a day

Pintrest – dreams aspiration, my brand
Twitter – look at me,Knowledge
Facebook – My brand, belonging
Blogs – knowledge, introspection
Instagram – look at me
Snap chat – cheeky
Linked in – serious,recognition

Channels have emotional drivers just as much as functional drivers
"At first I didn't think
it was an ad"
Create a tool
Whopper sacrifice
Google / adidas
No such thing as
a boring medium
Matching luggage,
came from old school thinking.Find a strong insight,strategy or message and make
that the thread
People don't surf anymore.
So create a destination worth visiting

In the beginning,
flash and flashiness,
all things, to all people

Now it's about the idea,the emotion and personalisation

That being said
You still need to be aware of the new technologies & platforms that people are using

Survival of the fittest is being best suited to your environment
In an industry that’s changing daily, how can creatives adapt and survive?

"I want a viral ad".

what makes stuff shareable ? Emotion, coolness. newness, humour, tailored for me.

aren't the enemy
T shaped people
replicate, mutate
a platform



not an ad
Tonight might be a bit like the internet.

A lot of random stuff,but hopefully you'll be able to find a bit you like or possibly learn something
Some nice award judge
Best Buy twelpforce

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