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Spinny thingies

No description

Griffin Chapple

on 31 May 2016

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Transcript of Spinny thingies

Depleted Uranium
After that, things would get worse.
No More Uranium
Its not that the wind is blowing, Its what the wind is blowing.
Global Thunderstorm
Over land, this would lead to extreme increases in temperature in places where the air is moist= GLOBAL THUNDERSTORMS.
Earth stopped spinning
Nearly everyone would die.
No magnetic field.
Then, things would start to get interesting.

At the equator the Earths surface is moving at about 465 meters per-second, or over 1,000 MPH relative to its axis.
So, if the Earth stopped spinning and the atmosphere didn't, the result would be 1,000 MPH winds.

Everyone living between 42 degrees north and 42 degrees south would experience supersonic winds... no buildings would be safe.
Helinski (60 degrees latitude) has a networking of tunnels over a 1/6 of a mile deep and would still not be safe.
Depleted Uranium fortress... NOT
If you build a depleted uranium fortress, it can't just be able to withstand the wind, it has to be able to withstand other peoples depleted uranium fortress.
Heat Blast
As the surface winds died down things would get weirder. The wind blast would translate into a heat blast. Normally the kinetic energy of rushing wind is negligible, but as the supersonic winds halt to a stop, the air would heat up
Surface? Where?
At the same time, wind sweeping over the oceans would churn up and atomize the surface layer of water; it would be impossible to tell where the spray (shore) ended and the sea began.
Oceans are cold, and I mean cold, like 4 degrees celcius... All the time. The influx of cold water into the superheated air would create a type of weather never-before seen on Earth- a rolling mix of wind, pelting rain, fog, and rapid temperature changes.
New Life
This upwelling would lead to blooms of life, such as fresh nutrients flooding the upper layers.
At the same time there would be huge die-offs of crabs, fish, sea turtles,and other animals unable to cope with influx of low-oxygen water from the depths of the ocean. Any animal that needs to breathe like dolphins and whales would be hard pressed to suirvive in the sea-air interface.
A Whole lot of fog
The windstorms would inject huge amounts of dust and debris into the atmosphere. At the same time, a dense blanket of fog would form over the cold ocean surfaces. Normally, this would cause global temperatures to plummet. And they would... at least on one side of the Earth.
6 whole months? WHY!
If the Earth stopped spinning, the normal cycle of day and night would end. The sun wouldn't completely stop moving across the sky, but instead of rising and setting once a day, it would rise and set once a YEAR!
Tidally locked
In some ways, this Earth would resemble one of the tidally locked exoplanets commonly found in a red dwarf star's habitable zone, but a better comparison might be a very early Venus. Due to its rotation, Venus-like our stopped Earth-keeps the same face pointed toward the sun for months at a time.
Faithful Companion
Although the length of day would change, the length of the month would not! The moon hasn't stopped rotating around the Earth. But, without the Earths rotation feeding it tidal energy, the moon would stop drifting away from us (which it is doing right now) and would start drifting slowly back towards us. Actually, the moon would act to undo the damage.
Sources Used
What If? By Randall Munroe
What I Knew and Didn't know
Knew: 75% of everything in this prezi
Didn't know: 25% of whats in this prezi
The magnetic fields, the global thunderstorms, and the atomizing of the surface layer of water.
Venus being tidally locked and the 6 month day and night cycle.
The Search
The Search
Faithful Companion 2
Currently, the Earth spins faster than the moon, and our tides slow down Earths rotation while pushing the moon away from us. If we stopped spinning, instead of slowing us down, the moon's tides would accelerate our spin and the moons gravitational pull would tug on the Earth... And Earth would start spinning again.
Quiz Time!!!
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