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society contradicting

No description

makayla hay

on 4 July 2015

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Transcript of society contradicting

You cant let society tell you what you can and cant do or be! for the matter, because its the same society that will tell you that abortion is "wrong", but then they look "down" on teenage mums. Its the same society that tries to promote natural looks,but then the model on the hair dye box is half photoshoped, with fake hair and fake eye lashes,fake smooth complexion. Its the same society that will judge you for being a little overweight but then will still judge you for being skinny. i mean come on society! its time to ditch the labels " as suli breezy saids in we will not let exam results decide our fate "you cant let society tell you what you are because its the same society that thinks abortion is wrong but then look down on teenage parents ..... ,

we will not let society decide our fate
society you loser
we will not let you decide our fate!, we will not let you tell us who we are! we will not let you tell us who to be! we will not let you tell us what were worth! because its you! who is repetitively contradicting yourself.
to change!
This presentation is about society and how it is always repetitively contradicting itself, and how we cant let society decide our fate
society says if your bisexual, your confused, but then its the same society that says come out of the closet its okay to be different, society keeps telling us she needs to skinny but then its the same society that tells you if your skinny your anorexic, and if your fat you look nasty'.but then its the same society that tells you, you need to speak your mind, your opinion, but then if you do your a bitch" you can cry its okay, but then its the same society that tells you your an attention seeker if you shed a tear. you cant do anything these days without being SLAPPED with a labeled, society cant survive without judging the next person.

Don't let society tell you who you are because at the end of the day, when you leave school and start your life, you have to live with the choices you made, and if you let society make your decision for you, you will regret the decision they've made for the rest of your life. Maybe because they weren't the choice you would've made. so Be yourself, be an original Do not be a copy"! because this society has to much of the same and its the same society that has so much to answer for.
society is teaching teens of this generation that no matter, what size you are, you will never ever be 'good enough', you will always be too skinny, too fat, too short, too tall , too that, too this. but then its that same society telling you, to be original and to stop being a copy of everyone else. we keep blaming society but you know something we as one are that society, I'm sick and tired of not feeling 'good enough, aren't you? i think its about time we took a stand for our rights aganist society. Don't you?
society has gotten so much worse with their labels since our parents were kids, teens are finding other ways to deal with being called all these labels, these labels can be a leading cause to depression and suicide, anxiety, and even leading to cutting of the wrists, smoking, drugs overdose, alcohol. Its a proven fact that their are over 100,000 suicide per year from the cause of societys labels. these deaths could have been avoided if we just ditched the labels are you ready to make a difference?
Here is the video that will back up my opinions
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