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Skills Balancing

No description

Stavros Pitsikalis

on 19 March 2014

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Transcript of Skills Balancing

Skills Balancing
European Territorial Cooperation Programme “Greece-Bulgaria 2007-2013”
Partners mainly from
Northern Greece

Lead Partner Joint Technical Secretariat

Anastasia Sismanidou,
Project Manager
Kyriaki Antoniadou,
Project Officer
e-mail :
e-mail :

Stavros Pitsikalis,
Financial Manager
e-mail :

Panagiota Andreopoulou,
Contact Person
e-mail :

tel :
+30 2131311586
Start date : 22 / 01 / 2014
Duration : 20 months
(a period of 4 months maximum from the contractual start date)
in the implementation of the project, by any partner, may lead to the
need for reducing the project duration
(including budget reductions)
verifying procedures
must be concluded as quickly as possible without delays
Final verifications
by all partners must be completed until the middle of
November 2015
, which means that all payments of the project must be completed by the end of
September 2015
The project will
have the option for an extension, due to the closure of the programming period by the end of it.
Keep the Lead Partner and the Joint Technical Secretariat informed on any development or problem any of the partners may encounter
a project that has all the characteristics of a “good” standard project
Strategic Project
Important !
the ambition to affect/result in a significant and long-lasting change and improvement on the whole or large parts of the eligible Programme area
to foster and maximize the impact of strategic projects on the cross border area
Policy/ Programme Dimension
Geographical Dimension
Action Dimension
Policy/ Programme Dimension
Contribute significantly to achieve key objectives
Be developed in coherence with EU (national & regional) policies along with cross border cooperation initiatives
Be in line with mainstream Programmes
Contain elements able to address the new programming period priorities
Geographical Dimension
Have real impact on the cooperation area
(wide and balanced geographical coverage, affect the territories, involve national, regional and local authorities as much as possible e.tc.)
Bring tangible and visible results - outputs and results
(well targeted, analytically and clearly defined, directly useful for local and regional target groups, including studies, researches,
methodologies, models and exchanges of experiences, pave the way for future major investments)
Be sustainable
(produce significant and long-term changes, produce a leverage effect on financial resources to capitalise other private and/or public financing and human resources, create permanent cooperation opportunities and networks between the partners
Action Dimension
Build strong partnerships

Capitalise on experiences
(take into account the experience and results from past and running projects, forge links to other similar running projects in the eligible area)
Be innovative
Be “holistic” / interdisciplinary
(integrate all relevant actors as much as possible, involve different scientific approaches as much as possible)
Promote cooperation and capacity building
Produce long-term positive result and impact
Intervene in selected established priorities of the development policies
Insure synergies with parallel programmes and context policies
Promote innovative tools and managing schemes
Mobilize additional resources and have a leverage effect
Help to create a wider favourable economic and /or social environment for the programme
Strategic project must have a particular contribution in achieving a programme’s quantitative and qualitative targets
Project Partnership-Eligibility of Partners
Joint development
Joint implementation
Joint staffing
Joint financing
to be eligible for co-funding, the Lead partner and partners must be:
national, regional or local public authorities
bodies governed by public law
as defined in Article 1(9) of Directive 2004/18/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 31 March 2004
private organizations
private companies, not falling under these
categories are not eligible
be a
National Authority
(competent in the field of intervention) or have
local/regional subsidiary/branch offices
established in the programme area
All applicants shall
directly responsible
for the
of the project with their partners,

programme area
the programme area
are all these actors entitled for public co-financing
Lead Partner's Responsibilities
Partner's Responsibilities
Sign the Contract with the MA
Write down relations with project partners in a “partnership agreement” (comprising, inter alia, provisions guaranteeing financial management, arrangements for recovering amounts unduly paid)
• Record & store project documents as specified in Contract
Ensure the implementation of the entire project
• Transfer the ERDF contribution to the project partners
• Ensure that project expenditures have been paid and correspond to the activities agreed
• Ensure the sound financial management of the whole project
• Claim the reimbursement of expenses & transfer them to the partners
• Act as contact point with Programme Bodies in general
• Organize the recovery of amounts unduly spent
Provide MA with data for monitoring indicators as outlined in Contract
• Assume responsibility in the event of any irregularity in the expenditure they have declared and repay the Lead Partner the amounts unduly received
Annex III: Partnership Declaration & Partnership Agreement
Ensure implementation of project activities under their responsibility (according to project plan & contract signed)
• Cooperate in the implementation of the project (important decisions should be made jointly)
• Prepare & submit to LP, financial & progress reports, including supporting documentation
Necessary Files to study !
Annex IV: Progress Report
(Instructions on filling available on http://www.greece-bulgaria.eu/images/stories/newsfiles/news19072013a2.pdf )
ANNEX V: Justification of Budget Instructions
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