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No description

on 4 September 2014

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Transcript of Soapstone

Look for clues in the text as to who the speaker is. What can you tell about them based on what they are writing or saying?
What is the occasion for the speech, essay, or story? Is the author writing it for a political event? A seminar? A festival? For an album or a compilation of stories? When was it written?
Who is the speaker directing the piece to? Fans? Students? Activists? General public?
Look at Tan's essay, who is her audience? Who is King's essay directed towards?
Who is " Guess How Much I Love You" directed to?
What is the purpose behind the text? To Inform? To entertain? To inspire or motivate? To unite?
Look at the diction. What are the main words and what do they convey? Is the piece serious? Silly? Patriotic? Upbeat? Depressing? Scary?

Make a list of synonyms that convey anxiety and happiness.
Read the first 3 paragraphs of "Mother Tongue,"
What do you learn about the speaker?
Look at the top paragraph of "Mother Tongue," what is the occasion for the essay?
The Sound of Music
Mary Poppins
Mad talk: Imagine a situation that makes you angry.
Soft talk:Imagine a situation where
you need to comfort somebody.
Fast talk: Imagine a situation where
you are trying to persuade somebody to let you do something.
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