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Sothavy TAN

on 15 December 2014

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2 types of Event Planner
Types of Events
More Information
You can work as en Event planner without any particular diploma. But if you want a diploma to ensure your future, you have to obtain a Master or MBA specialized in Communication and Event Management. Now I'm preparing my Degree. It's my third year. I study foreign languages, so it's not really going to lead to Communication. So next year, I aim to integrate a Communication School. I don't know yet if I want to do a Master or a MBA.
Creativity and originality
Reactivity and Resourcefulness
Interpersonal and editorial skills
The first school is
PPA (Pôle Paris Alternance)
. There are one Master and a MBA both specialized in Communication and Event Management. It's a
Grande Ecole
in Paris. It would be an apprenticeship and I would work for 2 weeks and go to school during 1 week.

There is a test a admission for this school but I'm motivated because that really is what I want to do of my life and many
people have said that it would suit me.
11:30 AM - Business Lunch
15:00 PM - Office
The world of Event Planning has grown, evolved and changed over the years.
Event Management is the same thing as Project Management.
Indeed, the process is the same but in the end, it’s the application of Project Management to the creation and development of events such as festivals, conferences, ceremonies or conventions. Co-ordinating the event is usually referred to as
Event Planning.
Planning is the most important part of running a successful event. It includes budgeting, scheduling, site selection, coordinating transportation and parking, arranging decor, event security and last but not least
emergency plans.

The Even Planner’s role is to organize everything from to A to Z and fix whatever that needs to be fixed in case of problems.
xurious agency situated
in Paris (13e arrondisse-
ment), launched in 2005.
"Finesse, Flavor, Colors and Creativity are the watchwords of our cuisine.
Our chef Alain Pierry, in charge of the creation is in perpetual search of creative menus changed every seasons."

The benefit for an agency of having its own traiteur is that it costs less, they already fo

"Luxe et Modernité"
is one the Agency's establishment in Paris.
Meeting with Mr Smith
How to organize an event
It isn’t like a kid dream. I have never dreamt of becoming an Event planner. I didn’t find out what I wanted to do until my first year here in the university of Marne-la-Vallée. First, I wanted to work as a Wedding Planner, unfortunately, this degree does not lead to this profession. So I decided that it wasn’t for me. What fascinated me then, was to work in the Hostelry and Restauration. But I kept looking for professions that were similar and I discovered the Event Management.
Event planners can work for big firms, in that case they work for the announcer. Indeed, the enterprises need communication tools to make a name for themselves. So every big firm has a communication area. The work is more constant than in agencies because they work is the same sector.
Event agencies work in partnership with companies or with private individuals. The work in agency is more diversified because for the private individuals can do birthdays, all kinds of parties and for companies, they work in cosmetics, technology, automobile, politics, and sport.
I chose to focus on one agency and one kind of event.
Large Casual
It can be a business or a casual gathering.
Cocktail Parties
They take place during evening hours.
They are educational events for the training of managers and employees.
They are usually organized by Wedding Planners. This sector is a bit different. And the studies are not really the same.
They take place at large venues and often evolve a few hundred guests. The occasion may be to celebrate events such as birthdays or to raise money (Fundraisers).
Corporate Events and Dinners
They are popular and important business events.
They are business events in large companies.
Team Building Events
They are means to develop and motivate the teams in companies. They can by parties or outdoors activities.
Business Dinners
It is a long standing corporate tradition to conclude fiscal years, celebrate milestones or to get in contact with customers.
Project Launches
They are successful market introduction of some products.
Opel project launch
Infinite numbers of types of evens but those ones cited are the most frequent.

There are: Annual General Meetings, Board Meetings, Breakout Session, Banquets, Collaquim, International Events, Political Events, Social Events, Trade Shows, Receptions...

If you want to know more about the different types of events:
The gross salary for a beginner is 1700€ It can rise to 2500€. Bonus shouldn't be neglected, they are often shared out after the events.

The business sector is Communication and Advertisement.

The interests are: capacity to connect with people, to like moving around, to like informing and communicate.

An Event planner has to show creativity and originality in his/her proposition, to captivate his/her client. Ideas are really important in this job.
They have to be self-possessed to manage the unpredictable. To be cunning is also required because, sometimes, they have low budget to organize and event.
An Event planner must know how to
exchange, compose and to make different
people from different workplaces work
together. Good interpersonal skills are
required. Editorial skills are essential
because the planner is in charge of the communication about the event.
Rigour and eye for detail
The event must be perfect and adapted
to the client's vision. An event planner
has to be rigorous, far-sighted, to
think of the greatest details. Clearly,
a great sens of priorities.
They are in charge of commercial management of more than 20 exceptional places in Paris.

Event Agency
Team Building
Event Planning
Event Communication
Business Meetings

If you want a brief presentation of the agency in video, check it out!
The traiteur was created in 2010.
If you want to see more places, check the link below:
Video conference with the hotel
Event details
Organizing Committee
The event manager needs a group.
They have to explore people
skills to give them
Financial planning
They may have a great idea. But you need to be financially viable.
It can be risky so the insurance is
important or the staff, the property
and the equipment.
Traffic and pedestrian management
Useful contact number
It may be useful to have a collated list of contact details and to consider some additional contacts that may be useful on the day.

Event Promotion and Marketing
It's one of the most important aspects of
planning. You have to consider the
most effective way of advertisement
to promote the event.
At the conclusion of your event it is important to evaluate the event against the aims and objectives. This will allow you to identify and make appropriate changes, where necessary, to your event management plan to ensure the success
of future event.
It is important to check the place in case an event is already planned there. It is also important to check the time to increase the target audience and choose the opportunity to promote the area.
The Even Manager is responsible for the overall of the event. He must be contactable throughout the event planning.
Event Place and Time
Contact during event

But I kept looking for professions that were similar and I discovered the Event Management. This kind of management is more open and varied, that does not only deal with weddings or cocktail parties. So I did my research and found out that I was really fascinated by that. I like the sense of responsibility, I’m used to people counting on me and giving me things to handle or problems to solve. And also, I like to please people, so organizing an event from A to Z is the best way to satisfy the needs and wishes of customers. But I will have to work hard to reach my goal! I want to specialize in Business events (meetings, seminars, Cocktail meetings...)
ECS Communication School is the other school I want to
integrate. That's the first school I found. I was at the Student Fair in Paris, and I saw a brochure so I asked them a few questions and it was exactly what I was looking for. It's also an apprenticeship, which
means I'll have to find agencies or companies.
I'm going to apply for both school.
Event managers have to set out
the projected income and expen-
diture to demonstrate that the bud-
get will be balance.
Financial support
If the event will not generate
enough income to cover all the
costs, you have to find funding from other sources.
Plan of the event.
Incident management plan
Public Health
Public safety
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