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This is about how electricity helped people, businesses, and the industrial revolution.

Michael Wood

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Electricity

By: Mike Wood "Necessity never made a good bargain"
Benjamin Franklin
http://brainyquote.com Electricity

- Electricity helped people communicate over long distances

- Electricity continued work after natural light was no longer available.

- The discovery of electricity led to many new inventions

The discovery and applying electricity to daily life changed the world forever.
Invention of electricity led to the invention of the Telegraph.
The telegraph and the invention of Morse code helped communications.
Messages could be sent at lightning speed.
Electricity helped factories stay open for hours.

Thomas Edison invented the DC Current Generator that could power entire cities let alone a small factory.

homes, factories, entire buildings could be powered soley on this generator and electricity.

The discovery of electricity led to thousands of new inventions.

DC Generator - Thomas Edison

Telegraph - Sam Morse

The Lightbulb - Thomas Edison

AC current -
Nikola Tesla
George Westinghouse


- Electricity helped cities, people, and bussinesses.
- it brought in a era of inventions "Inventors of the industrial Revolution". 2001.

Landry, Peter. "The inventors of the Industrial Revolution." Biographies 2006.

2 December 2005. <http://ww.blupete.com/literature/biographies/science/ inventors.htm>
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