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Interview Prep

Rebecca Cooney presentation on job search, resume, cover letter and interviews

Rebecca Cooney

on 23 February 2016

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Transcript of Interview Prep

Types of Questions
Be Interview-Ready
Do your homework – review their website up and down and all around – know what they do currently, what they have done historically – and if you can figure it out, what this position has done in the past

Scenario Questions
If “writing press releases” is one of the job requirements – be prepared for them to say “tell us about your experience writing for public relations” – you can give them examples of coursework for writing press releases, feature stories, fact sheets, etc.
Interview Prep
Dissect Job Description
Print out the job announcement

Take a highlighter to ALL key terms (writing, editing, event planning)

Prepare anticipated questions…

if “working with the media” is one of the job requirements – even if you do not have direct experience working with media – you can speak to your experience in coursework learning about it, as well as your comfort zone in making cold calls, working with vendors, talking on the phone, meeting with individuals, taking initiative, asking questions
Business casual
No denim or T-shirts
Check your soles and heels
Clean up your nails
Shave your face men!
Simple hair
Clean, light makeup
No perfume or cologne
Watch for distractions – earrings, lipstick, stain on shirt, wrinkled pants
Be aware of your body – hands in lap, remove the change from your pocket, don’t fuss with your hair or jewelry

Be ready. Don't wing it.
Leadership (working with superiors, as well as providing guidance and leadership in projects)

Organization (focus on project management and efficient work practices, time management)

Working with vendors (focus on comfort zone in working with unknown entities and pursuing getting the job done)

Working with volunteers (focus on comfort zone in working with individuals who all have the same goal of achieving success for an event)

Event promotions and event planning (focus on any experience with a club, sorority, high school activity, wedding – anything that you have been part of the coordination and execution)

Example of a project you loved (have a specific example ready)

Example of a project you were challenged by and why (have a specific example ready)

Answering the question “why I would be a good fit for this role”

scenario #2
If “maintaining and updating social media outlets” is one of the job requirements – you can talk about current or past course activities around social media engagement as a way to demonstrate your understanding of best practices and industry standards with regard to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube in particular.
scenario #3
scenario #1
The night before.
Review your notes
Write out your questions – create a cheat sheet for answers
Read a book, watch a funny movie
No alcohol - keep your mind sharp!

When it's all done.
Write thank you notes at least to the person who interviewed you (hand written is always best but at least email)

Ideally they will tell you about the next step. If not – you can follow up ONCE via email 3-6 days after the interview

If they asked to see samples, get a link to your online portfolio, etc. – make sure you follow up with that information within 24 hours

by Rebecca L. Cooney, MSC
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