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Maps and Map Literacy in World History

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suzanne genshock

on 9 September 2014

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Transcript of Maps and Map Literacy in World History

Maps and Map Literacy in World History
Detail 3
Yellow River

Indus River
The World in the Third Millennium BCE
map 2-1
Pastoralist verses Agriculturalist: who lives where and why?

Detail 1
Tigris River
Euphrates River
Indus River Valley
map 2-4
Old Kingdom Egypt
map 2-5
Settlements on the Margins
map 2-7
What goods are available in each region?
What goods are missing?
How does the range of goods impact the society?
What is the relationship of goods/resources to urban centers?
Steppe lands
Trade and Exchange in SW Asia and the E. Mediterranean
map 2-2

Lapis lazuli
Sumerian cylinder seal
2500-2400 B.C.E.
Bactrian banded alabaster
beaker shaped vessel
3rd-2nd millenia B.C.E.
Gudea 2120 BCE
Lapis lazuli


Mesopotamian Cylinder Seal, 3rd Millenium B.C.E.
Profile carved in shell. From
Ayious Onouphrios in the Nile Valley. Early 2nd millenium BCE
Pectoral and Necklace of Princess Sithathoryunet
1887–1878 BCE

gold, lapis lazuli, turqoise, carnelian
Egyptian jar
1st-2nd century C.E.
Nile River
The Standard of Ur
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