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The Road to the President's Club

No description

Darron Dorethy

on 15 April 2014

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Transcript of The Road to the President's Club

The Road to the President's Club
UniFirst is all about new account development!
PROSPECTING is a CONSTANT sales activity.
Messenger's Universal Principles
These principles play an important role in developing a positive attitude about prospecting and a sound daily plan.

These principles also keep a salesperson from veering off
The Road to the President's Club!
Principle #1: Prospecting
A salesperson needs a high number of prospecting calls to build or maintain a database that he/she owns.

*Accurate and Current Information*
*Right Place - Right Time*
*50 new prospects/week*
Principle #2: TOPS Plan
$ SELL $
1 account/week ($50-$80)
1 medium account/quarter ($150+)
1 large account/year ($500-$1000+)

Principle #3: Target Accounts
A salesperson must begin working Target Accounts with and through their Sales Manager from the initial months of employment.
Contact Target Accounts to:
1) Develop a sales relationship
2) Set appointments
Principle #4: Internal Compass

Develop a plan to achieve both UniFirst's and personal goals.
Principle #5: Manager's Responsibility
Ensure the location's market and database is worked and grown strategically.

Ensure salespeople work and keep their database current and have the necessary selling skills to set appointments.
Types of "Timing"

1) Right Place - Right Time

2) Controlled
Right Place - Right Time
Prospect is interested in finding a "uniform solution" AND is emotionally and legally in a position to change from his present service.
Controlled Timing
Salesperson has developed critical pre-call information, especially contract expiration dates (CXD) and names of key individuals (KI's) and understands the prospect's "buy cycle/criteria".
Development Increases Closing Averages
New Salesperson -
Closing average of 1 out of 12
Veteran Salesperson -
Closing average of 1 out of 3

Work Hard to Develop, Update and Maintain your Database!
Bucket Concept
Cold Calling creates future opportunities:
1) To move a prospect forward in the sales process.
2) To gain more information.
3) To make a sale now.
4) To build rapport.
Bucket Concept
Any call that does not go in the Sales Bucket is placed in a strategic Callback Bucket.

As more cold calls are made each bucket begins to fill up, developing a ready-made list of Prospects to re-contact and ultimately used to predict future Sales results.

Bucket Concept
Relationships need time to develop.

Establish relationships with "A" accounts while selling "B" and "C" accounts weekly.

Having a knowledgeable database increases sales!
Key Points
Create a TOPS Plan

Building or Updating Phase

Focus - 80 updates weekly
Salesperson's Internal Compass
Relationships with Large Prospects
Requires more Strategy and Planning.

Important to build Rapport and Information over time.

More contact increases the opportunity to build a workable relationship.
Focus on Target Accounts
TOPS binder with CXD's within 12 months.

200 "A" Accounts
300 "B" Accounts
500 "C" Accounts
1000 Prospects with follow-up dates.
Touch Target Accounts
Objective: Touch Target Accounts 4 times a year.

Schedule follow-up contacts and mailings.

Focus on winning Target Accounts while selling "B" and "C" Prospects weekly.
1) Gather critical information and build relationships to increase opportunity to make sales.
2) Begin working Target Accounts from day one.
3) Top locations have Salespeople selling weekly and a larger account quarterly or annually.
4) Untimely sales calls = poor sales results.
5) No "Elephant Hunting", work all size of accounts.
Database Updates & Cleanup
Primary Target
Sell "A" & "B" Prospects with "C's" as the weekly filler.

"C's" - reduce number of $0 weeks.
"B's" - daily "bread and butter".
"A's" - Road to the President's Club

The better the plan for a good weekly call mix, the better the results.
Important Details
Focus on "touches" when building relationships with Prospects, especially large accounts.
1000 Prospects with follow up dates.
-Use "C's" as filler
TOPS plan - cold call each "A" Prospect
-Set 12+ appointments
-Exceed a $110+ weely sales average

Manage your database via your TOPS plan.
Work with managers during weekly Planning & Review.
Location Managers focus on development of their market and ensure database is current.
Sales Managers focus on proper TOPS plan and selling skills for each Salesperson.
Sources for Building Your Territory Database
Sales Genie
Chamber of Commerce Directories
Business Directories
Local Newspapers
City/town Web Sites
Overall Summary
Prospect to gather accurate and current information from day one is very important.
Work your TOPS plan and begin developing a Sales relationship with Target Accounts.
Internal Compass - Goals, Goals, Goals.
Work with the Location and Sales Manager to grow your database and set appointments.
Keep the buckets filled up.
Have a proper mix and number of Prospects each week/month/year. No elephant hunting!
1 account/wk, 1 med. account/qtr & 1 lg account/yr.
See You on the Road to the President's Club
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