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An Incubator for projects in the Digital Humanities

Sinai Rusinek

on 11 November 2013

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Transcript of DigIn

An Incubator for projects in the Digital Humanities at the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute
Internet Portal for DH in Israel
Discussion fora, tutorials, collaborative bibliography and notice board, info on members and projects
Mapping the Jewish Republic of Letters
Dr.Arie Dubnov
Using network analysis, GIS and Visualization tools to study dynamics of intellectual exchange in the Jewish Republic of Letters
Traces in (and of)
the Star of Redemption
Ynon Wygoda
Using collaborative annotation tools and sequence tracing methods to research the sources and influences of Franz Rosenzweig's
The Star of Redemption
Presentation for EVA / MINERVA 2012
The 9th Jerusalem Conference on the Digitisation of Cultural Heritage
Dr. Sinai Rusinek

Digital Hebrew Manuscriptorium
A virtual research environment, Platform and collaboratory for Study, Collation, Transcription, Image, Text and Paratext annotation
A virtual afterlife for a Van Leer discussion group
Amnon Raz-Krakotzkin, Amos Noy
Future Vision:

A center for Digital Humanities
Summer school
Specialized Workshops
THATcamps/thematic Hackathons
continuing ''incubation'' of projects

Thank you!
Paratext Collaboratory
for an international community of scholarship: website, mutually shared bibliography, discussion fora and collaborative research projects using NLP and corpus analytic methods
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