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Wifi Bracelets

English project, "Create a business."

Elizabeth Osceola

on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of Wifi Bracelets

Designs! Extra Information Cost Design Company
Info -The bracelets come in animal prints,
any solid color you can think of, and we
even take requests! Just send us a
picture of what you'd like on your
bracelet and we'd be happy to
make it especially for you! The Product Design -Cossé's futuristic bracelets are sleek and
simple, and they come in multiple
designs- there's sure to be one that
appeals to you! Wifi EVERYBODY HAS A WIFI
TODAY AT -Cossé was founded in 2011 by Sasha Estrada, Elizabeth Osceola, Jameela Smith, and Lynn Satsat, and the first wifi bracelet was unveiled in 2012.
-Although the company is based in Arizona, the product has had worldwide success.
-The company has continued to expand during the last two years, and there is much more to come! Company History -The Cossé Wifi Bracelet is easy on the eye and on the wallet!
-One of the original bracelets cost just $50, and the water proof bracelets run for as little as $75!
-If you wish to have the bracelet engraved, it's just a small $25 fee! Cost Bracelets Resources -The Wifi Bracelets are a one-size-fits
-No batteries are needed! There's a solar panel on the top of the bracelet that charges it!
-The bracelet can be connected to you PC or Mac- once connected, you can put a password on your wifi, and even change the wifi name! Extras! Wow, I really
love MY wifi
bracelet! cosseindustries.
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