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Mexico Immigration

No description

Madelyn Bender

on 10 December 2015

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Transcript of Mexico Immigration

Mexico Immigration
What countries have people that move to Mexico and why?
Countries that move to Mexico Continued!
Italy- Arts and entertainment and soilders, Generals, presidents, Buisness leaders, athletes musicians and actors.
Germany-goverment polices and educational ventures.
What countries do Mexicans move to?
Us- 39% of Mexicans have friends or Faimly in the Us. Also Because of the crimes in Mexico.
UK- For work
Germany- Educational
Countries that Mexicans move to Continued!
Canada- Want students and skilled workers from all over.
Spain - Students and skilled Perfesional
Definition of.....
Maquiladoras- Factory in Mexico
Countries that move to Mexico!
Us- Americans take up more than 3/4 of Mexico . They move to cut down expenses.
France- Started moving in 1821 when mexico became it´s own country.
Spain- For jobs and education.
Mexico Immigration!
Madelyn Bender

Campesinos - Rural area in Latin-America
Border Industrialization Program - A
program to sove problems of people
who don´t have jobs on the border.
IRACA- Law that regulates employment of foregign workers.
The coditions of feild workers in 1930´s migrant camps:
It would have been realy hard.
How were thoose workers treated in America?
couldn get good jobs
different schools than whites
Fun Facts
Mexican Mennonites are settled in colombia, paragauy and Argentina.
There are 31 states in Mexico
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in the U.S. - One-In-Three Would
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