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Lee and Nicole

No description

Angela Altazan

on 15 April 2014

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Transcript of Lee and Nicole

Lee Kilgore and Nicole
Barriers broken by athletes
Simon Keith - heart transplant
Wilma Rudolph - pneumonia and polio
Tom Dempsey - no toes on right foot
Jesse Owens - sickly child
Michael Oher - parents showed little to no support
Bethany Hamilton - attacked by tiger shark

opinion - Simon Keith was a good soccer player
evidence - The Cleveland Crunch wanted to draft him.
evidence - (MISL)/ Major Indoor Soccer League
evidence - Keith was the first person to play a professional sport with a heart transplant
evidence - He was invited to the Wichita all-star, reserved for the top 30 seniors in the country.
Michael Oher
opinion - Michael Oher had a rough life as a child.
evidence - He was one of 12 children.
evidence - His parent sowed little to no support.
evidence - His farther was frequently in prison.
evidence - His mother was addicted to crack and cocaine.

Not Just a

opinion - Sports acts a antidepressants.
Comparing Athletes Simon Keith and Michael Oher
evidence - ," Sports also raise our energy level and acts as antidepressants."
evidence - ," Activity increases the brain's level of chemical called endorphins, which boost mood."
evidence - ," When we start moving and having fun, we feel good about ourselves."
Michael Oher and Simon Keith both play a pro sport.
Michael Oher and Simon Keith both got offered to play in big games such as Wichita and U.S Army All-American Bowl.
heart transplants
Rough childhood
In and out of fosterhomes
Didn't have a rough childhood
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