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Much Ado About Sports

If the characters were sports stars, what would their sports be?

Kari Kroker

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Much Ado About Sports

What sport are you? Don Pedro Benedick Claudio Don John Hero Beatrice Margret Borachio Team Don Pedro
basketball requires a
strong captain
obedient and intelligent players
stong teamwork boxing requires
physical strength
strong focus
Figure skating is
quiet, thoughtful, and elegant. A figure skater is both fearless and determined. Tennis is different from
basketball. The player still needs
physical strength and skill but can
now show off their individual
skills and strong will. Tennis is
a refined game that has strong expectations
around behavior. Even when a player has
no points, they still have "love." Non-competative running is
meditative. Runners experience
a calm and sense of oneness not
always present in team sports. Fencing is an ancient sport
that requires single-minded
focus, precision, and the ability
to confuse. Fencers wear masks. During its height, disco dancing
was considered self-centered, crude
and overtly sexual.
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