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The American Flag

No description

Mrs. Almazan

on 23 May 2014

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Transcript of The American Flag

Where can it be seen?
The American flag can be seen outside schools and inside classrooms.It flies over the white house when the president is there.It flies outside government buildings such as the post office.

The American Flag

Everything the government does there has to be an American Flag.
fun facts part 2
There are rules about how flags are made
The first american flag
They would fight a war to become independent from Britain,The colonists decided to show on a flag that they are all working together.
Who made the flag?
There is a story that Betsy Ross may have sewed the first stars and stripes.A man named Francis Hopkinson was probably the real designer of the stars and stripes,he was a lawyer,musician and a judge.
The American flag is red blue and white.It has six white stripes and seven red stripes.It has fifty white stars on a blue background.
Fun facts part 1
soldiers, astronauts and sailors wear the american flag on their uniform
When we say the pledge it means we believe in liberty and justice for everyone.
there is a special way to fold a flag
The flag should not touch the ground
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