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Engaging Students

No description

Tony Varrato

on 22 October 2013

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Transcript of Engaging Students

Engaging Students
in the ELA

Engaging Students
Simple modifications to reach more kids
and make everyone feel super!

For example:
Take notes on their writing and show them; they'll see you are focusing on helping them improve.
For Example:
Book talks. Choose five or so books you would recommend and why they would like them.
For example:
Give them a selection of poems to analyze, books to read, essays to write.

As long as they write, read, analyze, the exact text or topic can be somewhat flexible--not open--just flexible.
Grab their attention with their own hands.
Then give them some choices.
Show them it's all about them.
Sell it!
Linking standards to the lessons are nice for
the teacher and the administrators, but show
the kids how it helps them.
Focus their attention by giving them something to move around.
For example:
Scraps of paper with details
or software that lets you
manipulate words or images
(like this prezi) helps them
visualize abstract ideas.
A little salesmanship
goes a long way. Show
them why they'll love
the material.
Parent to me last Friday:
"What magic did you do with our daughter? She read a whole series, and she hates to read."
No magic. Just salesmanship.
Choice gives students
power and ownership.
And let them see you experiment.
You are a learner too, and they need to know you're in this with them.
You don't have to reinvent every lesson.
Just try a new twist here and there. Have some fun with it.
Fun is good.
by Tony Varrato
Install interactive whiteboard software
on student tablets so visual and tactile
learners can better grasp the concept
Then, you can even expand it to
become an interactive graphic organizer.
Then let the students become the salesmen
for their book by making video trailers.
Link, email, or use a program like nearpod to control and broadcast your presentation directly to the students' mobile devices.
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