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Volcano Research Project: Mt. Hood

No description

Harrison Langeheine

on 26 February 2013

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Transcript of Volcano Research Project: Mt. Hood

Volcano Research Project by: Brock Langeheine Mt. Hood Mt.Hood is located in Oregon.Its coordinates are 45.37°N / -121.7°W. It is Oregon's biggest peak. It is 11,240 ft tall. Its last recorded activity was in 1865 to 1866. It is on a convergent
boundary. Mt.Hood has about
two deaths per year! Volcano: Mt.Hood Yay! Mt. Hood has 184,200 acres of national
Of all of Oregon's volcanoes Mt. Hood is
the most likely to erupt.
10,000 people try to climb Mt. Hood each
Mt. Hood is estimated to be 500,000 years
old. Fun Facts !!! Mt. Hood is being created by a convergent plate boundary. What happens is that continental crust get pushed together which creates mountains and magma creates gas.The gas will build up and make pressure, soon the mountain will erupt and become a volcano. 3-D cross section It has the cone shape. The type of lava that made Mt.Hood is andesite. Mt.Hood is a composite volcano. A composite volcano has both violent and quiet eruptions Type of Volcano Effects of the Volcano There are two cities near Mt.Hood are Brightwood and Rododendron. I could not find any legends on Mt.Hood.
Its last eruption was in 1866. The End thank you for listening to my prezi. Have a good day! oh, i get it
now Bibliography http://volcanoes.usgs.gov/volcanoes/mount_hood/
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