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10 Things About Me

No description

Kathryn Larsen

on 16 December 2015

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Transcript of 10 Things About Me

I Love Football
I love foot ball because i get to show my talents and hit people.
I love skateboarding because i get to challenge myself.
I like school because I get learn new stuff every day.
I Love skateboarding
Image by Tom Mooring
10 Things About Me By Dennis Sa'u
I HATE Donald Trump.
I HATE Scooters.
I scooters because they think their all that at the skate park. Also they think it's so hard to scoot but its not.
I Describe music as a way to express feelings.
I Love music
I Love sam0a it is a beautiful place

I hate Donald Trump because he is a racist lier.
I HATE getting sick.
I hate getting sick because i don't get to do any thing, and I hate felling like crap.
I HATE racism.
I think that racism is bad because you didn't know you were going to be a different color. Also every one is EQUAL.
I HATE Falling off my skateboard.
I hate falling because it hurts.
football is the BEST !
Football is the best. Football is one of the sport where you wont get in trouble for hitting someone. Also it takes alot of skill and stratigy. Some people may argue that it the worst but on the other hand it one of the most loved sport in America. With this evedence wouln't you agree?
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