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Social Media Basics for Business

What you need to know to start using social media for your business ... today!

Casey Perkins

on 14 June 2011

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Transcript of Social Media Basics for Business

? Social Media the big 5 Social Media for Presented by http://youtu.be/lFZ0z5Fm-Ng Old/Traditional Marketing
Practice/Doctor is in control Outbound Marketing Inbound Marketing New/Modern Marketing
Patient is in control Types of
Inbound Marketing Social Media SEO Content ? How does
it work? It's not a fad... "...it's truly a 'must have'..." "...you are who Google says you are..." WHY? WHAT? Highly accessible
Transform and broadcast media monologues into social media dialogues
Simple promise Keep patients informed about your practice
Dialogue with patients
Share outside information & links According to online measurement firm
comScore, Internet users spend more
time on Facebook than any other website. Mini-blog: Share links and short bits of information with patients
Give patients an opportunity to stay informed Reward patient loyalty and referrals through this location-based service
Check-ins let you know who's visiting & who's on Social Media It's a GAME! Professional network
Digital Rolodex
Inform clients about doctors, nurses, etc.
Excellent recruitment tool Let's
Go! *Finding Content Who Has Questions 1. RSS Reader
2. Get your staff Involved
3. LinkedIn Groups
4. Crowdsource
5. Follow & Like! 1. Content is created & published
2. SEO increases rank & makes it more accessible
3. Social Media spreads the content Share video content from your practice (commercials, interviews, etc)
Find and share content from related healthcare channels Healthcare Marketing
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