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Figure Drawing 101

No description

Kristen Caputo

on 18 November 2014

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Transcript of Figure Drawing 101

Figure Drawing 101
Figure Drawing
The figure is the foundation to drawing.

It is an essential part of an artist's training.

Figure drawing teaches good observation and sketching skills.
Our Goals Today
To teach the basic drawing concepts of line and movement while observing Phill the Foil Guy.

Sketching is not a "perfect" technique, but a tool to better understand and draw how things really appear.
There are no mistakes!

To encourage your love of drawing and art and...

The History of Figure Drawing
Throughout history, figures are represented as drawings, paintings, and sculpture.

Line drawings of figures, similar to “stick figures.”

Told stories and communicated before written language.

You can find examples on cave walls, cathedral ceilings and art galleries around the world.
Posing & Drawing Phill
Early Cave Drawings
The Sistine Chapel Ceiling, in Vatican City was painted by Michelangelo between 1508 and 1512.
Found in his collection at
The Rochester Memorial Art Gallery
Pose #2
Pose #3
Pose #1
Pose #4
Artist Choice
Continue to practice your figure drawing at home.
Draw wherever you go, whatever you see.
Remember that there are no mistakes.
Let Phill be your guide and have fun!
Finally, please roll up your take home
paper and have Phill give it a hug.
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