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Ellie Goulding

No description

Taylah-is-great Neasey

on 11 September 2013

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Transcript of Ellie Goulding

Ellie Goulding
Food: Pizza
colour: blue and green
disney movie: Sleeping Beauty
name: Alexis

Ellie began writing songs when she was 14 she also learned how to play guitar at the same age. She was also very involved in her school's theater which made her decide to take drama course, politics course and English course at the University of Kent. Ellie's music began taking shape during college, where she got to know alot about electronic music. Two years later in university, she was told to take a break to pursue her music career. She finished "Wish I Stayed" with Starsmith and Frankmusik then moved to West London

Ellie Goulding (born on 30 December 1986) in Hereford is an English singer/songwriter. She grew up in Kington, Herefordshire and now lives in London, England. After studying drama at the University of Kent for a couple of years, Ellie moved to West London to improve her song writing and music career. She has been touring since 2008 she released her debut single "Under the Sheets" on 15th November 2009.
Ellie's Biography
Favorite things
Ellie's first job was at a pub cleaning the mens toilet which was a pretty disgusting for her. Her second most toughest job was working at a home for people with dimentia


top ten songs by Ellie
Name: Elena Jane Goulding.
D.O.B: 30th December, 1986 (aged 26 now).
birth place: Hereford, England.
famous as: singer, songwriter.
Parents: Arthur Goulding and Tracey Goulding.
Height: 1.70m
1. Anything could happen
2. Lights
3. I know you care
4. Guns and horses
5. The writer
6. Dead in the water
7. your song
8. Under the sheets
9. Figure 8
10. starry eyed

a little info. about ellie!
Ellie has one sister named Alexis, Ellie loves the name Alexis and has always been jealous of Alexis's name. Ellie had a pretty tough childhood, her Father (Arthur Goulding) and mother (Tracey Goulding) split up when she was five. She didnt see much of her dad throughout her childhood, she had a step dad but he was pretty mean. Ellie didnt have much of a family because they all treated her pretty bad, however she has alot of her mother and father's jeans.
Ellie's careers
Albums and songs by Ellie
Haclyon: Lights:
•Don't Say a Word Guns and Horses
•My Blood starry eyed
Anything Could Happen. This love
Only You under the sheets
Halcyon the writer
Figure 8 everytime you go
Joy wish i stayed
Hanging On your biggest mistake
Explosions ill hold my breath
I Know You Care salt skin
Atlantis lights (bonus track)
Dead in the Water human (bonus track)
I Need Your Love little dreams (bonus)
Ritual home (bonus)
In My City animal (bonus)
Without Your Love believe me (bonus)
The Ending your song (bonus)
High For This the end (bonus)
Stay Awake

Ellie's childhood
Ellie's singing and songwriting history
what made ellie goulding famous
Ellie became famous over her courage to sing in front of anyone anywhere. Ellie's family and friends thought she was a great singer, she had been singing and practicing her intire childhood so she made up a song and her friends played piano in the backround to it and they recorded it. When someone found out about her she was encouraged to make singing and songwriting as a serious career and continue her amazing songs.
Why i chose Ellie Goulding
I chose Ellie Goulding because ive always loved her songs and she has always had a thing for her singing. Ellie Goulding is someone who has been around since 2008 but most people didnt really know of her untill 2010 when she brought her first album out "Haclyon"
What i like about Ellie Goulding
The reason i love Ellie Goulding is because she has always been passionate about her singing and writing career, to me she brings out the best albums and songs and I love them.
She won crictics choice as nominee in 2010. Crictics choice as winner in 2010. British breakthrough act as nominee in 2011. British female solo artist also as nominee in 2011.
Awards Ellie has won.
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