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villains of the odyssey

this will elaborate on the key villains in the epic poem the odyssey

nicky preston

on 10 May 2010

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Transcript of villains of the odyssey

Villains of the Odyssey The Trojans
they were the first enemies odysseus and his men faced. The Trojans were the reason odysseus and his men left Ithaca, to fight in the war. Their first intention was to come back home after the war but on their way home they encountered many more obstacles. The Trojans live on the island of troy, they are humans unlike the other villains in the story. The Trojans relevance in the story is that they were the reason Odysseus and his men left their home. Lotus Eaters
Odysseus and his men arrived at the shore of the lotus eaters and sent three men to search the island. the Lotus Eaters didn't cause harm to Odysseus' men but they put them in a trance and the men lost hope of home. The Lotus Eaters kept giving more Lotus' to the men in hope that they would not leave and that is why they are considered villains. Cyclops
The Cyclops is a big, one eyed monster that is very territorial over the cave he resides in. Odysseus and his men came in contact with this massive cyclops when they were in is cave eating his cheese. The cyclops returned to his cave and started to eat Odysseus' men until Odysseus got the cyclops drunk and stabbed his eye. The cyclops is considered a villain because he hindered the progress of Odysseus and his men, also because he ate some of the men. Circe
Circe is a goddess who lives on the island of Aeaea, she is a beautiful goddess but is dangerous and can turn men into animals at the wave of her magical wand. Odysseus' men go and explore the island when they come across Circe's palace, all of the men but one enter the palace and all of the men that enter turn into animals. Odysseus hears of this from the one man that returned, he is curious so he decides to go to the palace himself. Assisted by the god Hermes Odysseus surpasses Circe's spell and becomes friends with the goddess. Circe is still considered a villain though because she had the power to turn the men into animals, but also more importantly she convinced Odysseus and his men to stay in her palace for a year and slowed down their return to Ithaca. Sirens
Sirens have the head of a women and the body of a bird. They have a high screeching song that they use to bewitch the men that listen to their songs. Sirens live in the sea and never leave the coastline. Circe warned Odysseus about the sirens and told him that if he put beeswax in his mens ears they would not be able to hear the screechings songs of the sirens. She also told him to have his men tie him down to the ship, even though he would hear the sirens he would not be able to go crazy because he wouldn't be able to move. Although the sirens do not do any physical harm they make their victims go paranoid with their sound. Scylla
This villain has six heads, and twelve tails and they are like unjointed tentacles. Scylla can not be beaten in combat and no matter what they will take six men, one for each of their heads. Odysseus knew this and chose to row as fast as he can past the scylla despite the fact he will lose six of his men. The scylla is a very tough villain Odysseus and his men faced because no matter what, she was going to do damage to his crew. Odysseus almost picked up his spear and tried to
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