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Family Tombs and Crypts

All about family crypts and tombs in the elizabethan era

Emily Perri

on 9 December 2012

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Transcript of Family Tombs and Crypts

Where were crypts found? Depends on the family's wealth
Wealthy were placed beneath the church
Extremely wealthy was placed on their own estate
On the outer edge of property
Also found in cemeteries and other religious buildings Worked Cited Funeral Customs in Shakespearian Times

What were funerals like in the Elizabethan era?

What Are Crypts, Mausoleums & Tombs?
By Melissa Sherrard



www.elizabethan.org Individual room under the earth
Stores remains
Vary in size
Usually holds an entire family
Reinforced with stone
Provides support and protection Family crypts and tombs in the Elizabethan era A little about family crypts Who Owned Crypts? Crypts were not common
A sign of wealth and status
Expensive and a luxury
Wealthy people also had the luxury of headstones and coffins
The poor could not afford coffins, headstones or crypts What did a Crypt Contain? Remains
Objects of religious value
Candles and herbs
Rarely flowers
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