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Alpha Xi Delta

No description

Shea Granger

on 6 September 2017

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Transcript of Alpha Xi Delta

Tumblr, Wordpress, and all blogs
Anything and everything you post online
YOU are responsible for what others are posting as well

What is included in Social Media?
Alpha Xi Delta is a brand
YOU represent Alpha Xi Delta
We are representing Fraternity Headquarters brand

Creates an Image of Yourself
Think about the people who are seeing your posts and their reactions

A new survey from CareerBuilder found that 51 percent of employers said they've found content that caused them to not hire the candidate

Your posts on apps (Yik Yak, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) create a reputation for ALL AXiDs
Why do we care about what you post?
What is considered inappropriate?

Please use your best judgement. If it is questionable, ask, or don't post it.

Please be sisterly!! If you see a post you think is inappropriate and you don't want that girl to get in trouble send her a text nicely saying "hey I would rethink the picture you just posted! I just don't want you to get in trouble!"

Instead of posting on social media, you can vent to one of your exec members! We love absolutely everyone of you and are always here to talk.

If Mackenzie or Carly asks you to take it down, please be respectful. We are asking because we care, not because we are mad at you. We want to be your friend, not your mom!

You have one week to clean up social media!!

Let's keep it classxi ladies!

What can you do NOW?
Alpha Xi Delta
Social Media Standards
and Expectations!

If you’re under 21 - NO photos with alcohol, even if it’s out of the country

NO pictures suggesting alcohol related situations- appearing intoxicated or holding (Red) Solo Cups

Blurring out and photo shopping drinks fools no one
It's pretty simple:

Please include
your beautiful face
This includes posting directly
and indirectly (subtweeting) about:
Alpha Xi Delta
Other sororities
Campus organizations
Vulgar Language
Profanity is unnecessary and not classy at all.
F-bombs are not necessary!

racial slurs.

If you wouldn't say it to your mom, your grandmother, or your future boss,
post it.
Alcohol / Party Pictures
First Offense
When an inappropriate post is seen or reported, PRVP (Mackenzie) or CLVP (Carly) will call or text and ask sister to remove post within 12 hours.
Removal is expected immediately.
Second Offense
If a sister hasn't removed post after
48 hours
, it will be considered a second offense. If a second inappropriate post is seen or reported in the calendar year, a sister will be given an second offense and will be placed on
conduct probation
Third Offense
If sister hasn't removed post after
72 hours,
it will be considered a third offense.

If a third inappropriate post is seen or reported in the calendar year, a sister will be given a third offense and will be brought into an Executive Council meeting for
possible membership suspension.

In this meeting, the Executive Council will discuss reasons a sister is being given a third offense and discuss possible member suspension. If membership suspension is recommended, the Executive Council will write up a document with supporting evidence and information. This document will be presented and discussed at meeting for chapter to vote on a sister's membership status.
Code of Conduct
Social Media Standards

Be Smart
Think before you tweet

Be cautious of what you are "retweeting" and "favoriting"

PLEASE avoid subtweeting

Avoid suggestive hashtags

Consider setting your account to private

Instagram/ SnapChat
Keep photo captions appropriate
Snapchats are easily screenshotted
Please be tasteful; no scandelous selfies
Be careful who you allow to follow you
YOU, Alpha Xi Delta,
UNO, and Omaha
Be cautious of what you are "sharing" and "liking"

Keep comments kind and appropriate

Be aware of posts and pictures that you are tagged in

Be safe and smart about the personal information you include on your profile
"Why am I even in this sorority?" #annoyed #WishIWereaDeltaChi
"Those Gamma Tri Kappa Zeta Chi's basically suck at everything they do." #AXiDsDoitBetter
"My professor is so dumb, I don't even know why I bother going to class." #UNL
"F*** Boys." #singleforever
"OMG last night was a blast,
but this hangover <<<<"
"Quit being a basic b**ch." #k #thanks"
Woo! Finally the weekend
#turnup #wasted
"Happy Mexican Monday/ Tipsy Tuesday/ Wasted Wednesday/Thirsty Thursday/ Sunday fun day!"
Any questions or need someone to talk to I am always here!!
Mackenzie Wenck
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