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Cara Delevingne

No description

天添 刘

on 5 May 2014

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Transcript of Cara Delevingne

In the following 6 months:
Cara Delevingne
basic profile
#17 MDC World Models Top 50
The face of Burberry 2011-13
Model of Year 2012 at British Fashion Awards
Evening Standard "London's 1000 most influential" 2011
Aims & Strategy
previous experience:
a small part in Anna Karenina, as Princess Sorokina
To be noted:
Cara's film image not to contradict her cool, quirky model image
Establish and maintain her status as a British fashion icon
Progress a career transition into modeling + acting by creating an on-screen presence
One step forward: fashion + cinema
Present her as a role model for young/teenage girls
Achieve and establish international fame
Brand her image as cool + hipster
Focus on her individuality + personality: Britishness + poshness yet down-to-earth + approachable
Launch her weekly vlog - six 10-minute episodes, fans can ask their questions via twitter #caradiaries
Start a column on vogue.com - Cara's style tips off the runway
Collaboration with British fashion house Mulberry - launching 'Cara bag' named after her in celebration of her 21st birthday
21st birthday party - photo opportunities - inviting celebrity friends
New York Fashion Week - keep up her runway performance
London Fashion Week - maintain her relationship with Burberry - open the show for Burberry S/S 2014 runway
Launch her own line 'Bankrupt Fashionista' features her very own design in collaboration with Urban Oufitters in US & UK - Beanies/Jumpers/Trainers (her signature style)
Milan Fashion Week - appear in the runways for multiple British fashion houses
Paris Fashion Week - her own performance on the runway as well as becoming the guest presenter for the news reports with Jourdan Dunn in fashion TV
Rumors of Cara joining the next Bond movie; Bond girl - transform her image: not only as a girl but also a woman
Attends Carrie/Gravity Premiere - answer the questions about Bond rumor - building her connection
Announce that Cara will join the series 3 of popular British comedy 'Fresh Meat' for 2 episodes as a posh girl trying to get back at JP (Jack Whitehall)
'Fresh Meat' episodes air - promote with Jack Whitehall - rumored relationship - connect with a likeable figure
Attends 'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire' Premiere in L.A, making new connections in Hollywood - help boost her film career
Spotted having lunch with Jennifer Lawrence
Confirmed as Bond girl
Join the campaign of British Tourism Board 'The Great British Invite' - promoting the British fashion industry and tourism - focusing on her 'Britishness' and role as a fashion icon
Making speeches in several schools around the country about the bullying issues - 'embrace your weirdness' - building the image of a role model young girls can look up to
Join an anti-bullying campaign nationwide as the spokesperson, appear in the adverts on TV, newspaper and magazines. 'Embrace your weirdness' 'Be different, Be Happy'
Press release - 'bond girl dream came true, but she has put on a few weight, studio bosses says' getting help from Jennifer Lawrence
Announce that she will join the cast of the sequel of popular fashion rom-com 'Devil Wears Prada' as the second female lead - first ever major role in film - as a fierce competitor of Anne Hathaway in love and fashion
Morning Radio Show with Nick Grimshaw talking about friendship with Jennifer Lawrence & future acting career, 'Fresh Meat' etc.
Guest on Chelsea Lately (US) and The Johnathan Ross Show (UK) - talking about her rumored romance with Jack Whitehall - promoting her new film Devil wears Prada II
Girls episodes premiere in March 2014
Extend and diversify her fashion line in more categories
Enter the European & Asian market
Cara's career timeline
ASAP rocky is in London for Wireless on the 14th - be seen out for dinner with him and announce she will star in his music video 'Fashion Killa'
Film the music video in NYC - rumors about them dating despite her seeing British singer Jake Bugg
Lena Dunham announces on Twitter that Cara will be featured in the new episode of HBO series 'Girls' following an instagram picture of them filming
Rumor that Cara will be starring as Ana in the new 'Fifty Shades of Grey' movie
Guest on Jimmy Fallon - talk about her role in 'Girls' and rumors about Fifty Shades
Establishing her image
a SWOT analysis
Fashion icon: maintain her relationship with Burberry and other major fashion houses, keep up the runway performance
Role model: previously bullied due to looks, eye-brows in particular. This helps her to connect with her teenage fans, keep her relatable and approachable
Posh/British heritage: base on her family background
Quirkiness: personality + social media
Highly fashionable image
Status already established in the fashion world
Already established a large fan base: 1.2m followers on instagram
Her 'British' characteristics appeal to international market
Personal interest in acting
Combining fashion+cinema
Extend her appeal and influence into the male demographic
Not yet a house-hold name means that it is easier to reconstruct her image
International audience: The US, Asia etc.
Other models who also want to develop an acting career
Acting not to damage her pre-established modeling career
Possible reluctance from the acting world
Possible rejection of her image from the male audience
Inflexibility: unlikely to adopt a traditional sexy image
Arguably struggles to appeal to male demographic
Final Outcome
A successful career transition - well balanced between fashion and film
Development of her personal brand
Growth in her fan base - an expanded demographic
Create the duality of her star image - role model but down-to-earth, approachable
Increase her celebrity in the UK and successfully enter the US market
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