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The South Pole is Melting and Earth is Tipping Over!

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Kayla Hampton

on 24 September 2014

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Transcript of The South Pole is Melting and Earth is Tipping Over!

By: Ayonna Huff, Cassandra Davis, Matthew Julien, Somiari Ubani, Kayla Hampton
The South Pole is Melting and Earth is Tipping Over!
What Would The Climate New Be Like?
How Would The length of Day Change
If the earths axis keeps on tilting, how it is now. the lengths of our daylight would be longer, while our lengths of night would shorter.
How Would the length of "day"&"night" Change?
How Will The Length of a Year Change
How Will The seasons Change?
If the axis was to be on the 28 angle then then year would be longer because the week and the days and the months would take longer so... the answer to your question is yes, the years would be longer. because of the extending of days,weeks, and months.
The length of the day changes, because the earth was tilted at 24hrs then when the tilt increases, the length of the day could be to 28 or more!
If the earth axis was tilted significantly more then it is, the seasonal changes in weather and length of daylight would be greater then they currently are. Summer and winter weather would be more extreme. Summer days would be even longer and winter days would be shorter
The new climate would be more extreme than it is now. since our seasons would be mostly summer and winter. our climate would be severly hot or severely cold.
What would the Tides Be Like?
How Would This Effect Our lives
Many of our land may drown from the polar ice caps. Our farms may not be able to grow or raise anything because of the severe weather climates. our animals would have to adapt to climate changes. we would have to adapt to the many changes to survive.
If the poles were to melt first it would submerge the majority of coastal land and the tides themselves would
increase in size even neap tides!
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