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Women's Legacy in sula

No description

Jesi Swach Perez

on 25 November 2015

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Transcript of Women's Legacy in sula

How different women preserved or rejected their cultural-familiar heritage.
Matriarch in boarding house, not competitve, glamourous, made physical sacrifice for economic freedom, raised their children alone, loved all men excepted Boy Boy, dated many men but didn't have sex with them.
"kind and generous [...] with extraordinary beauty and funky elegance of manner"

Raised her children alone, loved Sula but didn't like her, loved maleness, flirted with husbands and friends, never gave directions, believed Eva didn't love her and her siblings, was a nuinance, commited suicide.

Lived with women who thought all men available, ill prepared for possessiveness of other person, take many lovers, humorous, didn't care about people's gossiping, complemeted her mother, considered the "Devil" (source of personal misfortunes), free of ambition, no ego.

Gave birth in the brothel where she worked, talked creolle, seemed younger than she was.
different Family legacies
Eva - Rochelle

Hannah - Helene

Sula - Nel

Women's Legacy in sula
Separated from her mother by Celile, proud of her motherhood, manipulative, joined the most conservative black church, avoided speaking creolle, opressively neat, married.
"raised [her] under the dolesome eyes
of a multicolored Virgin Mary, counselling
to be constantly on guard of any sign of
her mother's wild blood"
Stronger and more consistent than Sula, Married Jude, "a man with enviable reputation", had children, knew new feelings, felt loved.

Left alone, full responsability of the household, knew that would be her life forever, became "
one of them
"I don't want to make somebody body else, I want to make myself"
Nel and Sula
Determined to explore everything, never competed against each other, seemed one single person.
"In the safe harbour of each other's company they could afford to abandon the ways of other people, and concentrate on their own perception of things"
-You sure have changed.
-You've changed too."
-What have you got to show for it?
-Show? To Who? Girl, I got my mind. And what goes on it. Which is to say I got me.
-Lonely, ain't it?
-Yes, but lonely is mine. Now your
lonely is somebody else's. Made
by someby else...

Both ended up alone, holding different thoughts.
Good? Evil?
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