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The Blue Scholars

Alternative Hip-Hop Group

Ryan Beyea

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of The Blue Scholars

The Blue Scholars By Ryan Beyea Members DJ Sabzi - produces beats and tracks for the songs
Geologic (Geo) - Vocalist/Writer of the group Albums Blue Scholars - Self TItle 2004 - First Full Realease Album
Top Track: "No Rest For the Weary" Bayani 2008 - Second Full Realease Album
Top Tracks: North By Northwest
Joe Metro Other EP's (Extended Play) The Long March (2007) - Songs about Seattle
OOF!! (2009) - Songs Honoring Hawaii History Created in 2002
Alternative Hip-Hop Group
Based in Seattle, WA
Music focuses on daily struggles of all people In Conclusion... Realaxing to Listen to
Great albums
Top of the Line Production
Worth Listening to Outline History
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