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How to make your brother Laugh

No description

Jasmine Nappier

on 12 March 2013

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Transcript of How to make your brother Laugh

How to Make Your Brother Laugh Step One: But Maybe, if your face is
just not funny enough
for him, He'll Look at you
like this... Make a very
funny face!

When you do this, if you're a natural born
comedian, then he will look like this. Yeah... Ouch. Step Two: You have got to do a really
funny dance. I'm not talking the Macarena (although I've had success with this) I'm talking Gangnam style tricked out dancing. And, If he likes your
performance, he might
look something
like this... Aww... How Cute. But again, if he boos you off stage, He'll look like this... Wow Kid! You're Killing me! Then, If those didn't work, make some interesting noises. Like a growl or a garble. Maybe even sing! Maybe you'll get a smile like this! Or, if you really can't sing, then well...
*awkward silence* Step Four: Play a game of peekaboo!
Now, this usually works
until a certain age. But, if your sibling hits that 'I'm too old for this stuff' kind of early (like mine) then again can you guess? Yikes... You want to tickle them using your fingertips, It is important that
you don't use your nails
because that probably
does not feel very
good to the
child Then, he might look like this Step Five: Now, I bet you're feeling good about your little sibling's smile but you are not done yet. Step Six: If worse comes to worse, there are only two things you can do: You can stop and give up on your mission to make your little sibling laugh... 2. Hit Yourself and hear the laughter Because you know hearing
that laughter
feels so good. Or, your other option is to hit yourself upside the head. Then sing "Here come the giggles" THANK YOU Psst... You should clap now... Yeah that doesn't
work so well...
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