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religion project

Peanut Butter

on 7 May 2013

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Transcript of scientology

Why is it not considered
a religion in some
regions of the world? PROBLEMSTILLINGER:

1.What is scientology?
2. In relation to the theory of the 7 dimensions of religion, does scientology count with all 7 dimensions?
3.Why is scientology still a controversy and unaccepted in Denmark?
4.What are some of the US. Laws and rules for any religious belief to become an official religion in their country? DENMARK WHAT IS SCIENTOLOGY?
it is a religion
modern science of mental health,(videnskab, sundhed)
"it was born from the book of Dianetics; "What the soul is doing to the body”.
there is no concrete idea of what or how god is.
there is a supreme being, which can be reached and understood thru the 8 dynamics (urges) for survival.The goal of dianetics is to be able to control your mind from aberrations and engrams; it is to reach the state of "clear" and to be able to live a happy life of infinity.
infinity is the relation to the supreme being. Dynamic 1: the urge to survive one self,
Dynamic 2: the urge to survive through family and sex. Dynamic 3: the urge to survive in a group.
Dynamic 4: the urge to survive in all mind kind.
Dynamic 5: the urge to survive as life form.
Dynamic 6: the urge to survive as physical universe. Dynamic 67: the urge to survive as a spiritual being and the last dynamic is the urge to survive towards existence of infinity “as god”, this is discovered when the 7th dynamic is fully understood. Ninian smart 7 dimensioner af religion 1-Rutial and practical



4-Dogamatic and philosophical



7-Material Scientology and the 7 dimensions 1ritual

-Scientology auditing can bring any person from a condition of spiritual blindness to the brilliant joy of spiritual existence. (What is Scientology, p. 156) and another thing is training; is where someone can be taught how to become an auditor, this way the person will one day become a teacher of auditing. 2emotional- the state of clear; "The full glory of the state of Clear has no comparable description in any literature existing in the culture, religious or otherwise" (what is scientology pg. 221) 3mystic-
L. Ron Hubbard believed and stated that we all have lived in our past lives in the book of (Have You Lived Before This Life?) and in the book (Missions in to time) in which he describes his past life and how he ”knows” about his past life. 4 dogmatic and philosophical -

scientology has it’s own doctrines such as;
that humans consist on 3 parts: the body, the mind and the thetan,

scientologists believe in a god; ("the Creator or Supreme Being" (p. 10) The Background and Ceremonies of the Church of Scientology)

they believe in the 8 dynamics 5etics- there is the moral codes of scientologists, Scientologist, ”which provides guidelines for behaviour oriented toward the upholding of human rights and the spread of Scientology throughout the world
(What is Scientology?, pp. 580-587)

There is a moral code for auditors and the moral code from the supervisor that has to be kept in order to maintain professional standards. 6 social - an example is auditing procedures in at any scientology church, church religious retreats such as “Freewinds” and “Flag service organisation” in Florida 7material-
scientology has its own religious symbols, it is 2 triangles on top of each other with an S in the middle representing scientology and the triangles stand for Knowledge, Responsibility and Control.Then we have the cross, similar to the Christian but it has 4 extra points (8 total) which represent the 8 dynamics, the E-meter and the churches around the world.- why not denmark? Becoming a religion in denmark

the power of influence in the public space,
Religious leaders play an important role in the public space,

the right to marry and divorce

places of worship, cemeteries and churchyards,

teaching in schools

but most importantly economical support. why not? anerkendelse af trosamfund:

1. Begrebet ‘gudsdyrkelse’ abstrakt ‘gudsbegreb’
2. Gudsdyrkelsen foregår på basis af en nærmere udformet lære, dvs.:

a. en tekst, som opsummerer religionens læregrundlag eller læretradition.

b. At der må være en fælles tro
retningslinjer for menneskers handlinger, dvs. etik, moral

d. At der må foreligge en forskrift for eller en beskrivelse af de væsentligste ritualer.

e. At vielsesritualet må opfylde kravene i dansk ægteskabslovgivning (jf. ovennævnte bekendtgørelse).

3. Begrebet ‘religionssamfund’ forstås således:

a. At samfundet har en sådan organisatorisk struktur, at det kan danne et tilgængeligt grundlag for offentlig kontrol og godkendelse. Der skal foreligge vedtægter, som kan gøres til genstand for vurdering efter dansk retsopfattelse.

b. At der er tale om vedtægtsmæssigt udpegede repræsentanter, som kan stå til ansvar over for myndighederne.
c. At der er tale om formelt medlemskab med såvel frivilligt som ufrivilligt ophør af medlemskab.
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