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My Prezumé

Because CV's are so outdated.

Nigar Toofany

on 24 August 2013

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Transcript of My Prezumé

Hello! Welcome to my Prezumé.
In this BIG world, my story is very
But, alas, do continue, and I hope you enjoy!
(Click the right button to navigate.)

Hi, my name is
I am an undergrad at De Montfort University,

This is Monkey,
the bunny
Based in Birmingham
Willing to relocate
Available upon
My Blog
Social Media has changed
the way everyone connects
to each. Above are ways to
connect to me
Sheldon Heath Community Arts College
Joseph Chamberlain Sixth Form College
De Montfort University
12 grade A-C, including;
Mathematics, Science, English and English Literature Distinction at BTEC level Business Studies
Geography (B), Pure Mathematics (C), Biology (D), Key Skills in Maths (Level 3)
Year One: (Obtained 2:1)
Year Two: (Obtained 2:2)
In the schoolroom was where I spent most of my days.
Chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all cool.
Sales Assistant
July 2010 -> September 2011
Internship - Operations Assistant
July 2013
Baking Company
Self Employment
May 2012 - Current
Boring part now over!
What skills do I have?
Impeccable Organisation
Strong communication
skills, both written and
Good understanding of
Social Media
Ability to work in a
team, as well as
on my own initiative
Experience using following:
Adobe Photoshop CS5, Prezi,
Blogger, HTML
Computer literate
For a comprehensive lists of previous job roles and skills, please see my linkedIn profile
About me,
as a person
I love being creative.
Be it while blogging,
or making houses in The Sims,
even arts and crafts,
and of course, playing around on
Anything that fills my time!

This prezume is one example!

Mentioning The Sims, I also
like to think of myself as
an amateur gamer.
I don't go too
But when a new Assassins
Creed comes out,
I'm very close.
Thank You very much for taking the time to read my Prezumé.
Friendly, outgoing,
a people's person
Creative problem
So a quick intro about me.
I was born 17th March 1992 @ 5.30pm
on the beautiful island of Mauritius.
We moved to England when I was 3.
Birmingham has now become my home,
but alas, I still miss the palm trees!

Other things I enjoy:
Eating - although I am a very picky eater!
Foreign cinema
Being a crazy bunny lady
Why I want this internship
Getting this opportunity would really give me the edge that is needed when looking for jobs after graduation. As a sandwich year student, I will be able to utilse all the skills learned for my final year.
Having gone to university with no real goal, I now know that a career in marketing is the path that i want to persue.
Social Media is something I enjoy using, and something that I truly feel company should utilse.
This internship will provide me with the opportunity to utilise my skills while forming new ones and gaining experience along the way.

Finally, I want this Internship because
I am a
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