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Grade 5 Spectacular Similes!!

Joint activity between one crazy grade 6 LA teacher and some aspiring grade 5 writers!!

Amy Soetaert

on 9 January 2012

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Transcript of Grade 5 Spectacular Similes!!

SIMILES!!!! The government says, "grade fives must be able to explain how simile and hyperbole are used to create mood and mental images and identify how imagery and figurative language, such as simile and exaggeration, convey meaning" BUT Before you can do that, you must become SIMILE EXPERTS!!! Go back, wwwaaayyy back, to the cobweb filled back of your brain. Do you remember what this simile business is all about? A simile is a description of two unlike things using the word LIKE or AS. WHY???? Who cares?? Similes are a tool to make your writing better. Simple as that. As you give the reader more description, the picture in their mind becomes more like the one you see as you write!

Can you think of a good book you've read lately? Go back to your favourite scene- what did you hear? Smell? Taste? Feel? See? Your task today is going to be writing original similes that describe using all five senses! As you write your similes, try to expand your vocabulary to include adjectives that give specific clues to the reader.
Example: The ground was hard as a rock. VS The frozen playground was as hard as a rock. Finish the following similes:
My brother yelled as loud as....
The homework our teacher assigned was like...
To me learning is like...
My brain is as fascinating as... Talk about these examples with a partner. What is the comparison being made?

Miss Austin runs like a cheetah.

Mr. Farrell kicks like a mule.

Curly was flopping about like a fish on a line.

Mary tiptoed as quiet as a mouse.

As Kristy walked towards the stage, she looked as nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.

After working all day, my dad's hands felt as smooth as sandpaper.
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