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Frankenstein Fimography

This prezi depicts the many spin-offs and remakes of the Frankenstein films.

Nina Smith

on 25 March 2016

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Transcript of Frankenstein Fimography

The Many Frankensteins
Year of Release: 1935

Director: James Whale

Plot Summary: Dr. Frankenstein lives on and with a little encouragement, creates another monster... This time in the feminine form.
Bride of Frankenstein
Year of Release: 1974

Director: Mel Brookes

Plot Summary: The American grandson of the imfamous scientist is struggling to prove he's not as insane as people beleive.
Young Frankenstein
Year of Release: 2012

Director: Tim Burton

Plot Summary: Young Victor conducts a science experiment to bring his beloved dog Sparky back to life
Year of Release: 2015

Director: Paul McGuigan

Plot Summary: Told from the Igor's perspective.... we, as an audience, become eyewitness of how the monster Frankenstein came to be.
Victor Frankenstein
Movie Magic
Actors | Voices :
Charlie Tahan-- Victor Frankenstein
Winona Ryder-- Elsa Van Helsing
Martin Short--
Mr. Frankenstein
Movie Magic
Main Actors:
Boris Karloff-- The Monster
Colin Clive-- Henry Frankenstein
Valerie Hobson-- Elizabeth
Main Actors:
Gene Wilder-- Dr. Frankenstein
Peter Boyle-- The Monster
Marty Feldmen-- Igor
Daniel Radcliff-- Igor
James McCavoy--
Victor Frankenstein
Tender Son: The Frankenstein Project
Year of Release: 2010

Director: Kornel Mundruczo

Plot Summary: A boy returns home after growing up in an institution, only to find that he is not welcome there.
Movie Magic
Rudolf Frecska-- Boy
Lili Monori-- Mother
Kitty Csikos-- Girl
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