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Group 6

No description

Elizabeth Mitchell

on 17 December 2015

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Transcript of Group 6

Design Brief
Client Company: National Football League

Target Consumer: Ages 5 and up

Designers: Elizabeth Mitchell, Jacob Cumm, Juan Salvador, Quentin Shepherd

Product Statement: The NFL is preparing to play its 50th Super Bowl. They need a piece of memorabilia to sell to the consumers. They would like to create a dispenser that will house at least one item that can be dispensed multiple times.

Design Statement: Design and model a new dispensing system

1. The team will design a common means of loading the dispenser (team component)
2. Each team must create their own decorative dispenser utilizing the common means of loading.
3. Must be durable
4. Must not have a footprint size that exceeds 8"x 4"x 4"
5. Must have a minimum of four different parts once assembled.
Gantt Chart:
Product Research
Actual printed version
Code of conduct
- Members will communicate properly but not necessarily formally. members will not harass one another in any form. This will be reported as bullying and dealt with by higher authorities.

Standard communication methods
- text message, email, email live messaging, phone calls and Skype

Frequency of communication
- during coinciding class times of 8:50am - 9:30am, and whenever capable outside of class.

File management structure
- common files will be placed in a shared Google drive file. Files will not be tampered with unless agreed upon the group.
Decision Matrix
Group 6
Elizabeth Mitchell, Jacob Cumm, Juan Salvador, & Quentin Shepherd
File revision management
- files being changed must be agreed upon by 3 out of 4 members of the group.

Process for making design decisions
- design decisions must be agreed upon by 3 out of the 4 members before taking place. If there is a complete disagreement the topic will be dropped and we move on. Vote ties with be settled with a coin flip.

Process for dealing with differences of opinion and conflict
- conflict will be dealt with peacefully and opinions for changing the design must be supported.

Repercussions for not working
- First time not completing work will be a warning, each time after that it will be a deduction of two dollars off the prize money.

Each product used as inspiration allowed gravity to somehow dispense the object.
Idea 1
Idea 2
Idea 3
Even though there are actually 4 parts, the main frame had to be split in half to fit in the printer.
Football field candy dispenser
Lombardi Trophy candy dispenser
Stadium toothpick dispenser
The Lombardi Trophy (Idea 2) was the simplest design with less time so it was chosen.
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