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Rodrigo Rosales

No description

Roy Rosales

on 17 November 2013

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Transcript of Rodrigo Rosales

Andrea Rosales Alvarez
13 years old. (17/04/2000)
Birth place: Edo Mex, Toluca.
Likes: Ballet, movies, being fashion.
Dislikes: Homework.
Dreams: Being happy and a successful actress.

Raul Alonso Rosales Luviano
50 years old. (06/09/1963)
Birth place: Mexico, DF.
Likes: TENNIS, baseball, cars, watches.
Dislikes: unpunctuality.
Dreams: going to Europe.
Steel seller
Maria del Pilar Alvarez Villada
48 years old. (18/07/1964)
Birth place: Mexico, DF.
Likes: read, paint, sports, candies.
Dislikes: injustice.
Dreams: going to Europe.
Teacher and psychology.
Marta María del Pilar Villada Camerino

Birth place: Mexico, DF. (09/01/1943)
Likes: Dance, parties, films, being fashion, piano, guitar, spend time with the familiy.
She worked as a teacher for 30 years.
Dislikes: ugly clothes.
Death: 2004
Armando Adolfo Alvarez Dominguez

Birth place: Queretaro, Queretaro. (27/09/1939)
He moved to Mex. DF. with his grandparents to study.
Likes: sports (american football, baseball, soccer), music, poetry, cars, films.
He worked in banks, for the government, and in the Channel 11.
Dislikes: coriander.
Rodrigo Rosales Alvarez
18 years old. (09/06/1995)
Birth place: Mexico, DF.
We left DF. because of my father´s job.
Likes: TENNIS, technology, music, being with friends.
Dreams: Visit Italy, watch a tennis match in Wimbledon, being a successful man.
Fears: Horror movies.

Melesio Rosales Gomez
Birth Place: Hidalgo (6/12/1912)
He moved to Baja California because of the work.
He worked as a teacher.
Likes: Teach, bikes, movies.
Dislikes: Drive
Death: Cancerous tumor on the liver. (17/02/1973).
Maria del Carmen Luviano Huerta
Birth Place: Huetamo, Michoacan.(16/07/1914)
She moved to Tijuana to work in a restaurant, then to Mexico City.
She worked as a teacher and in a restaurant.
Likes: Buy things, watch TV, cook.
Dislikes: fights.
Agustina Renteria Gonzales
88 years old. (28/07/1925)
Bith Place: Huetamo, Michoacn.
She moved first to Tijuana to work in the USA, and then to Mexico City to work with my grandmother.
She worked in an american school and in a restaurant.
Likes: Sports (tennis, soccer--->America Team), walk.
Ambrosio Eligio Alvarez Landaverde
Birth Place: Ajuchitlan, Queretaro. (04/11/1911).
Worker and Public Worker.
Likes: Sports--> Basketball (2 times State Champion).
Dislikes: Being lazy.
Maria del Carmen Dominguez Reyes
Birth Place: Tequisquiapan, Queretaro. (16/07/1915).
She left her money and her family just to live with her husband.
Likes: cook, read.
Maria del Pilar Alvarez Villada
48 years old. (18/07/1964)
Birth place: Mexico, DF.
Likes: read, paint, sports, candies.
Dislikes: injustice.
Dreams: going to Europe.
Teacher and psychology.
Jose Vicente Villada Morales
Birth Place: El Oro, Edo. Mex. (21/06/1915).
He left El Oro to work in the capital.
He made crafted ironwork.
Likes: chess, domino, watches.

Melesio Rosales
Birth place: Hidalgo 1875.
Ranch "Los mirasoles" (pulque)

Maria de la Luz Gomez
Birth place: Hidalgo 1873.

Federino Luviano
Birth Place: Huetamo, Michoacan (1878).
Mayor of Huetamo

Consuelo Huerta
Birth place: Tequisquiapan, Queretaro. (1881)
Victoriano Huerta (uncle)
Estanislao Alvarez Huertado
Birth Place: Colon, Queretaro.
Public Counter.
Maria Dolores Landaverde Olvera
Birth Place: Colon, Queretaro.
Ana María Reyes Gonzales
Birth Place: Tecozautla Hidalgo.
Teodomiro Dominguez Paulin
Birth Place: Tequisquiapan, Queretaro.
Public Counter and Merchant.
Leovigilda Morales
Birth Place: Mexico, DF.
José Vicente Villada Ramírez

Birth Place: Toluca, Edo. Mex.
Son of General Jose Vicente Villada.
Guadalupe Cerna Montemayor
Birth Place: Piedras Negras, Coahuila.
Antonio Camerino
Birth Place: Jerez de la Frontera, Spain.

My Family Tree
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