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Mentee Guidelines

No description

Theresa Cruz Paul

on 5 September 2013

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Transcript of Mentee Guidelines

Pioneering our future leaders!
Trailblazers- William Paterson University Mentoring Program
What is Mentorship?
Mentorship Guidelines
How to Search for a Mentor
Sample e-mails and questions
Helpful Information
If at anytime throughout your mentoring experience you feel that something is wrong or that there is an issue, we suggest that first you try to address the matter with your Trailblazer. If the issue is not resolved or if you still feel uncomfortable, you may always reach out for help by contacting us at 973-720-3291or trailblazers@wpunj.edu.
Mentorship is a personal developmental relationship in which a more experienced or knowledgeable person helps to guide a less experienced or less knowledgeable person.
Mentorship Is...
a great opportunity to grow personally and professionally

a place to learn more about a particular field, career, or industry

a chance to establish strong connections to alumni who are professionals in their field

a time to practice and utilize professional skills and behaviors

can be a short term or long term experience

the potential for informational interviews, resume critiques, job shadowing, mock interviews, and more
Mentorship is not......
necessarily the same thing to everyone, each experience is unique to the individual mentee/mentor

a guarantee for an internship or job

a time to act unprofessionally
1. Log into WP Job Connect (http://wpunj.experience.com/experience/login) using your account username and password

2. Click on the “Trailblazers” tab

3. You are now on the main page of the program

4. You have three options to search for a mentor;
Job Function/Title/Industry Search
1-click Searches
Advanced Search
To Search Using...
1. In any of these categories, check off the area of interest(s) to you

2. Or if you prefer enter in a key word(s) in the Job Title section such as “social worker”

3. Click on the search button to view the results
To Search Using...
the 1 Click Searches Option
1. You may select one of the four options to immediately run a search based on that criteria only

2. Click on the search button to view the results
Job Function/ Title/Industry Categories
To Search Using...
Advanced Search
1. Click on the Advanced Search Tab near the search button

2. You will be brought to a page with many potential search fields, fill in the sections that are of most interest to you

3. Click on the search button to view the results
Search Results
You will notice that the result page shows only the mentors first name and first initial of their last name...
If your search yields no mentors, you may have to go back and re-adjust your search criteria. You can still have a great learning experience with a mentor even if their background does not fit your original criteria.
There will now be a list of mentors specific to your search criteria! Your results will show the number of mentors available based on your criteria.
You may click either on the mentor’s name or on the tab “View Mentor Profile”. You may see some more information about the mentor including their resume and educational background.
Moving from the Results
Once you determine the mentor that you would like, you may select the tab “send mentor connection request” which will allow you to contact the mentor and ask if they will accept you as a mentee

On the connection request form you will see two options for the type of message to send the potential mentor. Click on one of the two options and you will see the message appear in the box.

Fill in your name at the bottom of the message and click send.

The message will be sent to the mentor to approve and if it is approved you will be able to see their full contact information and then you may contact them directly
Sample Email Templates
For After Initial Mentor Connection
Hello ____,
Thank you for agreeing to connect with me for this mentoring experience. I am thankful for this opportunity to have you as a mentor and I am eager to begin learning. I would like to ask for your thoughts and feelings regarding ____ (your career/my resume/etc) and I was wondering if we could set up a time for (a phone call/in-person meeting/skype session/etc). When would be most convenient for you?
Thank you, ____
Thank you for agreeing to connect with me for this mentoring experience. I am thankful for this opportunity to have you as a mentor and I am eager to begin learning. I would like to set up a time to connect this month __(in person/by phone/by skype/etc) to officially begin our mentoring experience. When would be the most convenient for you?
Thank you, ____
Sample Career Questions
What are the typical academic majors/backgrounds of professionals in this field?
Are there any minors that are beneficial to have in this field?
Is additional training or education needed to advance in this field?
If so, what is needed to advance in this additional training/education? Do you have any advice about how to proceed after graduating?
What is the outlook for this industry?
What kind of experience do employers in this field look for?
In general, have you noticed any changes in the field since you have started working? Do you see any changes in the future
What advice do you have for someone planning to start a career in this field?
What are some other jobs in your field that are similar to your own?
Sample Personal Experience Questions
What was your academic major and how does it apply to your current work?
Did you participate in an internship while in college?
If so, what were the benefits/challenges of that experience?
Did you participate in any undergraduate clubs or activities that you believe have helped prepare you for this type of work?
Did you participate in any summer or winter internships/jobs that you believe have helped prepare you for this type of work?
What are the appealing/challenging aspects of this type of work?
What has been your career path in this field?
If you had to do it all over again, what would you do differently?
What do you like most/least about your work?
What additional advice would you like to offer?
Are there any networking or professional associations you are part of that you can recommend?
Sample Job Skills Questions
What is your official job title?
Describe a typical day or project.
How many hours a week are you expected to work? Are evening or weekend hours expected?
Are there certain times of the day/month/year that are more stressful or active than others?
Does your position require travel time?
What type of experiences or skills would you recommend to someone starting out in this field?
Are there any internship programs or organizations that you can recommend?
What kind of interpersonal or professional skills do you think are the most important in a career like this?
What kind of skills have helped you the most to succeed in this field?
•Always conduct yourself in a professional, respectful, and ethical manner

•Make sure to respond to your mentor’s communications in a timely fashion, within 48 hours

•Participate in any mutually agreed upon task (such as skype session) and reschedule if appropriate

•Be respectful of your mentor(s) personal information and do not share that information unless given explicit permission

•Don’t ask for an internship or job

•Clarify with your mentor the extent and duration of the mentorship you desire
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