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Comenius European Partnership Project

No description

louise vines

on 6 February 2013

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Transcript of Comenius European Partnership Project

The Comenius project. Tour of our school research About our school Caludon Castle School was founded in 1954 as a boys’ comprehensive school but now its a business
and enterprise academy for students aged 11-18 in Coventry.
We are so big that we have 7 year groups (year 7-upper sixth form) with around 9 tutor groups.

Caludon was completely rebuilt as a £24million Private Finance Initiative (PFI) project which was completed in Spring 2008.
This is our head teacher Mrs marr

http://caludoncastle.co.uk/pdf_1/Caludon%20Castle%20Floors.pdf what we have found out An office development looks just like a normal building, with huge glass windows and automatic sliding doors, but this glass building is unlike the other, grand-but-wasteful offices built decades ago.
The designers of More London’s offices worked hard to ensure that the building emits far less carbon than regulations require – 55% less, in fact. They started with the basics, an automatic door opener that ensures doors are open only when there’s traffic, keeping heat in the rest of the time.

Then they looked at heating and air conditioning. The building is well insulated, with double glazing that uses high-tech glasses and coatings to minimize heat loss. They are also using individual heating and air conditioning units for each part of the office, allowing the company to keep track of who wastes energy, and who is thrifty enough to remember to turn the air-conditioning off. All of this has been achieved in an attractive, modern building that is a pleasure for employees to spend time in.

Also we found out that it has been reported that schools across the UK spend just under 400 million pounds on energy a year and account for 15% of public sector carbon emissions energy saving ways In 2008, Howe Dell Primary School in Hatfield became the first building in the world to use an Interseasonal Heat Transfer (IHT) system. This system would take the heat that warmed the playground’s tarmac in the summer, and store it – releasing it in the winter to heat the school. This amazing system was designed by Icax – a company based in London. IHT has been adopted by some service stations, and is used to defrost roads in the winter.
Howe Dell primary school takes eco-friendly to the extreme. The toilets flush using rainwater, and the roof is covered with plants. They’ve even split the carpeting into ‘tiles’ – so that if patches wear thin, they can replace only those parts, rather than wasting an entire carpet. Even the furniture is made out of recycled materials. When we were researching we discovered that the school spends around £357,828.24 a quarter on electric bills .

Also we found out that quite a few people dont remember to turn off the appliances they are using .

We also found that in the rooms there is a automatic timer on the lights so they go off by themselves. band room the concourse our trophy closet one of our many science labs students point of view the year 8 year-leaders point of view students point of view a science teacher's point of view Now, the last of the interviews We interviewed some students and staff from our school and asked them questions about the energy used and wasted at Caludon castle.

We asked them things like "how eco friendly do you think the school is?" and "do you think the school wastes energy?"

this is what we found out! our own results, We all took part in a survey about house hold energy usage here are some of the results,

the average units used in a house over a quarter is 552.00 kwh per 101 days

we at the school try and save energy as possible by turning off every light in the school but on average there is one thing left on in each room mainly lights and Projectors.
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