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The Mark of Athena

No description

Beth Elliott

on 19 May 2015

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Transcript of The Mark of Athena

The Mark of Athena
Celestial: pertaining to the sky or visible heaven, or to the earth's atmosphere.Pg. 67."Festus said there was Celestial Bronze nearby."
Psyched: to prepare psychologically. Pg. 92.Leo Psyched himself up.
Sheer: unqualified, utter. Pg. 144.They stayed behind out of sheer stubborness.
Interjecting: to insert between other things. Pg.208.Coach Hedge interjected from time to time with a laugh.
Rendering: a translation. Pg. 216.She was rendering his designs.
Flannel: a soft, warm, light fabric. Pg. 218.She was dressed in a red flannel shirt.
Belle: a woman or girl admired for her beauty & charm. Pg. 231.She was dressed as a southern Belle.
Aerial: of or in the air.Pg. 259."The Aerial Stabilizer got fried when the ship hit the dock."
Spectacle: anything presented to the sight or view. Pg.514."We refuse to cooperate with your spectacle!"
Masonry: the craft or occupation of a mason. Pg. 552.The Roman masonry had been gleaming white.
Figurative Language
metaphor: She plucked up Percy.Pg.6
Simile: He was wearing an SPQR banner like a giant bib.Pg. 14
Personification: Annabeths vision tunneled.Pg. 14
Personification: She was holding back a mixture of hopefulness and worry like it could hurt her.Pg.14
Metaphor: An asteroid could destroy all life and she woudn't have cared.Pg.15
Simile: She felt like somebody dropped a cold washcloth on her neck.
Idiom: "Pull up the roots!"Pg. 22
Simile: it was spinning like Leos pinwheel.Pg. 25
Simile:Coming back like water through a dam.Pg.26
Simile: he coughed like he had a hairball.Pg. 50
My Opinion
Title: The Mark of Athena Author: Rick Riordan
Reviewed by: Ethan Elliott Genre: Fantasy
Rich or Rah: Rich Rating: out of .
I rated The Mark of Athena 9 because it could have had more parts about Leo, (my favorite character)but other than that, it was awesome.
Why you should read it
1. Because it has lot of action

2. Because it keeps you reading it

3. Because it will take you a while to read

4. Because it sticks to myths but is still cool
5. Because the characters rock
Keep calm and thanks for watchi-ng!
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