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From Hustiln' to Millions: How Hip Hop Moguls Use Lessons Learned from the Street Life

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andrew patterson

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of From Hustiln' to Millions: How Hip Hop Moguls Use Lessons Learned from the Street Life

From the Streets to the Boardroom The Beginning P. Diddy Bio Jay Z. Bio The Transition start @ 2:30 50 cent on the street and business
The Lessons Start @ 1:20 Competetive drive to be the best
Time should always be used wisely
Two minds are often better than one
You can always survive if you put your mind to it Diversify as much as possible
Branding is extremely important
The art of crisis management
The importance of giving back Turn every negative into a positive
Self belief and self reliance
Sound leadership is key
Know when to be bad or show aggression
"Growing up in the streets can either destroy you from an early age or teach you EVERY lesson you need to succeed in life. Some of the greatest people in human history were created in the harshest of environments. The toughness, creativity, wit, and perserverance it takes to survive the ghetto can mold a mere street kid into someone equipt to do great things on a grand scale" - Russell Simmons
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