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5th grade project

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of Mars

Planet Mars The Mars Rover There are quite a few Mars rovers, although the most recent one that was launched was Curiosity, part of the Mars Science Laboratory by NASA launched Nov. 26 2011 and landed in Gale Crater Aug. 6 2012. Some other rovers were Spirit and Opportunity. All of these Mars Rovers were launched by NASA. Climate Spring Summer Fall Winter People always joke about martians or little
green aliens living on Mars.The only biggest
living thing that could live on Mars are
Extremeophiles, a certain microbe that can live
in extreme weather. This is Mar's Moon Phobos. Phobos means fear and was a Roman god, the son of Mars and Venus. This is Mars' other moon, Deimos, and the Roman god of terror. Also son of Mars and Venus. That's kind of crazy! Why would the Romans have gods for fear and terror? Earth rotates every 24 hours which is very similar to Mars, which rotates every 24.6 hours. Can we live on Mars?

Right now for NASA the question "Will we live on Mars" is a more of a when, not an if. Mars is not very well suited for humans. There’s some ice at the poles and maybe some frozen water underground. Gravity is only 38 percent as strong as on Earth. The atmosphere is thin and consists mostly of carbon dioxide (95%). So humans would have to make air on Mars. Plants efficiently separate the oxygen bound to carbon and therefore can make air we can breathe, so colonists should take plants along.
The Martian atmosphere is too thin to hold oxygen, which would just escape to space. So the plants would have to be cultivated in greenhouses and the oxygen they produce kept in a strong flask.
The Martian weather is pretty, well, bad. It’s cold, the average temperature of the southern hemisphere is -76 degrees Fahrenheit even at the equator, it’s usually not over zero. Winds are fierce and blow at speeds of 300 hundred miles an hour, and storms can last for months. The wind whirls up dust that sticks to all surfaces, which literally would toss sand in the gears of important mechanical and electronic equipment.
Today, there are no concrete, approved plans for sending people to Mars. The earliest date mentioned in official papers is 2019, which would be 50 years after the first Moon landing. Mars is cold with lows that reach -220 F but occasionally there are days that reach 68 F. The soil is dusty and orange unlike the earth! Mars isn't actually red. it's more of a reddish-brown. That's because the whole planet is covered with rust. Iron oxide is the chemical name for rust. This is a size comparison of the Earth and Mars The weak gravity on Mars could be fun, but it could make our muscles and and bones weak. So you would have to exercise a lot! This is a view of earth from Mars Recently on Mars NASA has discovered carbon dioxide snow. So Mars is the fourth planet, the color of it is red and it is really cold. Who cares! From this point of view Mars must be pretty boring. But did you know Mars is the only other planet that humans could possibly live on? And did you know that little robots called rovers are exploring the whole planet? In this prezi you will learn...

The climate
If there are Martians on Mars
If Mars has any moons
If we will ever live on Mars
The Mars Rover
A ton of interesting facts! So What? So why should we care about Mars anyway? Well with out Mars you wouldn't be able to surf. I know that sounds crazy, but it isn't. Mars crashed into Earth and that created the moon. Without the Moon there wouldn't be any high tides so you couldn't surf. Now without Mars we wouldn't have any other possible place for humans to live besides Earth. We also wouldn't have lunar or solar eclipses. If we didn't have planet Mars,
we wouldn't have as near as
much information about space
as we do now. We wouldn't even have fun cartoon characters.
Mars is a very important planet and if we didn't
have it we would have missed out on a ton of
things. Without Mars our world would be a lot
different. Mars is a awesome planet!!!! Some people wonder if there is water on Mars. Right now there is carbon dioxide snow but no ordinary water. Some people are still convinced there is water on Mars... But still, there is proof that Mars may have had water, a long time ago and evaporated.
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