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Mobile Connections

Informal Writing #8, by Cliff Bell

Cliff Bell

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Mobile Connections

Mobile Connections Connectivity "Manuel Castells, in his epochal works on the information age, has described this as the space of 'flows'." (pg 137) Connectivity is the "flowing" of "information, humans, culture, products and capital...between places and regions." (pg 137) Connectivity is the passage of everything from one point to another, ranging from the flow of ideas to the movement of physical cargo. "Connectivity must be seen as a process that facilitates the movement of goods, products, or abstract qualities like sentiment." (pg 137) Connectivity: "A process that creates routes for goods, ideas, news, money or sentiment to flow." (pg 137) Connectivity is the creation of the route, the route itself, and the products that use the route. "Within this process of generating routes and forms of communication, two modes stand out as the most signifigant developments in late 20th century culture of mobility" (pg 138) the mobile phone and online social networking Why? Because these are "new form[s] of mobility itself: one that allows indiciduals and groubs to transcend--move across--geographical and physical barriers to 'be with' somebody else elsewhere as never before." (pg 138) "Communication facilitates community" (pg 138) "Instantaneity is the culture of this speed-of-light connectivity. (pg 138)
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