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book review

No description

Fraser Miller

on 26 May 2010

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Transcript of book review

Legends of the Dragonrealm
Book 1: Firedrake

By.Richard A. Knaak Main character:
The protagonist is named Cabe Beldem he is in the novel about 50% of the time; he has brown/silver hair. Ordinary height and width also has blue eyes. Throughout the novel, he is constantly changing his views on the world around him and what he thinks of the other characters. He starts with a rather scared and shy personality, but towards the end of the book, he is a lot more bold and braver then at the beginning.
The plot to this story is straight forward a young human/ warlock must defeat the empire of Dragon kings and their armies he also must find a way to stop his evil father the dark warlock Azran from taking over the world with his new dark weapon "the nameless." In his quest he is also assisted by shade, (shade only helps for part of the time the rest of the time he is trying to kill Cabe as well.) His other three companies are lady of the amber, Darkhorse and the gryphon.
This epic novel is located in the dragon realm a magical country that is dived into thirteen different sections. The time is a little uncertain but is a fantasy novel so it is probable not set in any actual time. The main places that Cabe visits are. The land of Zuu controlled by the green dragon, Pencils controlled by the gryphon, the barren lands controlled by the brown dragon, the land of Quel controlled by the crystal dragon, Azrans castle and the domain of the gold dragon Emperor.

This book was a very good action packed read it was full of twists, battles and even had a splash of romance. Its overall rating would be 8.36/10 it was very well written but was a little hard to understand at parts. Something’s that the author did well on were vocabulary, I found it had a nice reading pace to it so never really went to fast or to slow. Something’s the author could work on would be explaining where the character was and how long they had been there, because it was somewhat hard to figure out those parts of the setting most of the time. Anyone who enjoys a good fantasy read should read this, however if you like your books to be realistic then this probable not a good read for you.
Main idea:

I think that the main idea the author was trying to say is that the unexpected happens to those related in someone whom usually to produce those kinds of events. The reason I came up with this conclusion is because the author gives us a character that has nothing special about him but because of his grandfather, he is thrown in between a massive event.
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