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Mission Engagement - Innovation Process

No description

Mahin Hamilton

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of Mission Engagement - Innovation Process

Milestone: "the Pitch" to All Staff & EC Committee; VIABILITY SCREEN by Directors
Questions: 1. Mission alignment?
2. How does it meet a community need, desire, or dream?
3. Strategic alignment?
The UHW Innovation Process
People over Process,
Process over Product, but the product had better be "damn good!"
Housing Services: Sales & Leasing
Deliverables: Closing Checklists
Deliverables: PRIMER analysis defines: driver, design team, concept, timeline/deadline, and relationships
Milestone: MISSION SCREEN by Directors
Milestone: Primer form submitted to Mission Engagement Team - starts process
Questions: why?
what? how? success?
Milestones: LT input & SCOPE SCREEN by Directors
Deliverables: PROFORMA & BRIEF are created by the Mission Engagement team
Questions: DETAILS! Numbers? Capital? Program Design? Relationships? Partners? Impact? Marketing?
Deliverables: Final Brief, Program, Budget, Resource Plan, and the"Pitch Deck"
Question: What is the capital needed (type and amounts)?
Deliverables: Funding apps & Financing requests
Milestone: GAP SCREEN by Directors
Milestone: Closing
Deliverables: Sales, Leasing, or Launch of Ventures
Milestone: Occupancy & Operation
Rental Reclaim
Northside Home
GWES Collaboration - St. Paul Pilot
Development Pipeline
The Mission Engagement team purpose is to •RESEARCH & VET OUT the viability and risks of new opportunities that will fill the pipeline for future development;
•RESOURCE & RAISE CAPITAL to fund new opportunities that have been approved by way of our team process;
•PLAN & PROCESS approved opportunities through resourcing and pre-development, then hand them off to Mission Delivery or other appropriate strategic team.
Overview of the Innovation Process
This graphic presentation illustrates the methodology that Urban Homeworks uses, by way of the Mission Engagement team, to analyze the feasibility of new projects, ventures, and ideas.
Innovation Process
The Mission Engagement Team Mission
"STAGE, GATE" method of process & decision-making.

Multiple stages that progress towards execution
Process provides structure and accountability to new ventures and projects.
At each stage: questions answered, deliverables met, and milestones achieved.
Input and voice given by different parties along the way
Decision making rests primarily with the Director's team.
Deliverable: PRIMER form = short explanation of the idea and why
**Project moves to Mission Delivery Team
For the purposes of this presentation, the "Stage Gate" example shown relates to our Real Estate Development projects. Other ventures may require changes after the "Resourcing" stage, depending on the specific needs and characteristics of each venture or idea.
Questions: WHAT is your idea?
WHY should we do it?
Mission Engagement
Vacant Land Banking
LeadWorks, LLC
St. Paul Expansion
Rental Reclaim 6
Redeemer Block
Mission Delivery Team executes and operates new programs and ventures
Mission Engagement: Research & Vet out; Resource & Raise Capital; Plan & Process Projects
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