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It Takes Two To Fly Part 2

Collaborative Teaching Process- Models and Planning

Ashley Glynn

on 11 May 2010

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Transcript of It Takes Two To Fly Part 2

Activity 1 You misunderstood someone or they
misunderstood you.
Your expectation(s) were not met.
You avoided a situation. Why did this occur?
Why were your expectations unmet?
Why were you misunderstood?
Why did you avoid the situation? Think about a CONFLICT situation you've experienced:
Record reasons why you think the situation occured.
Post sticky note to chart.
Do all or most of these responses reflect
challenges related to communciation between two people?
Can communication challenges occur
both in and out of the classroom? Handout 1: Communication and Conflict
Take a minute and read through
Handout 1. Handout 2:
Conflict Management Profile Take 5 minutes to read and circle the style that best represents your way of dealing with conflict at school. Focus on the one that comes closest to representing how you work with your collaborative partner. Activity 3
Bring your Handout 2 and 3. Move to the chart that matches your style. Choose a reader, reporter,
and a recorder for your group. Read the Vignette on Handout 3.
Brainstorm ways you might deal with the situation, given the attributes of your particular conflict management style.
The group recorder should list the strategies on the chart paper.
5 minutes to complete the list. Ticket Out The Door Handout 8:
Effective Communication Strategies
Joint Follow-Up Form Activity 2 It Takes Two To Fly

Part II Think, Pair, Share Think about a time when: Pair up and share with someone you are not collaborative partners with.

For example- another Basic/ESE teacher or a teacher from another team. Return to your seat.
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