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Big Feet Life Night

No description

Ian Poage

on 23 November 2014

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Transcript of Big Feet Life Night

Big Feet What is charity? A divinely infused habit (sanctifying grace) inclining the human will to cherish God for his own sake above all things, and man for the sake of God. A Theological Virtue. What?! Charity means that we
love God and our neighbor.
Another word for charity is love. What is Justice? Justice is one of the four Cardinal Virtues. As such, it is a virtue that can be practiced by anyone. Justice is a virtue which means all human beings deserve to be treated with respect and love simply because they have been created in the image and likeness of God. distributive justice
legal justice
commutative justice
social justice Our God is a just God, but also a merciful and charitable God. We are to forgive as God has forgiven us. distributive justice-
community to member legal justice -
member to member
commutative justice -
member to community social justice -
member for vulnerabe
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